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Own: 360, PS3, iPhone4, iPad, 3DS, one very Kickass PC and your mums telephone number.

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Guitar Hero 3, its main point in life: to be an excellent, communally enjoyed rock experience, something to be cherished amongst you and others. A ballsackswellingly scrumptious piece of party-go-lucky & popculture-defyingly bondaged brilliance that you just want to work on cue. Right?

Well recently when the opportunity for said exhibitions of skill (ineptitude) and tutorial ship (laughter) on my part arose, the damn disc wouldn't read. Why? Because my BoughtToEarlyFromKoreaSoNoInsuranceForMeThen PS3 broke it. Yes, anger doesn't quite cover it, fury doesn't come close. I mean what’s the point? What’s THE F#CKING POINT! The damn game had grown a layer of dust as thick as Jade Goodies kids and here I was just trying to fulfill its life purpose in front of expectant friends and the f#cking thing decided it would wilt under the might of a purpose built f#cking Blu-Ray drive? Well f#ck it, I smashed that son of bitch into a thousand pieces, scooped it into the bin and swore at it vehemently from across the room. How dare it not work on demand!

So the point of this blog? To vent how bloody infuriating it is when things that have just one sole-f#cking purpose in life fail to work when finally counted upon. F#cking thing.