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NoFuture avatar 11:59 AM on 05.21.2011  (server time)

Hi, my name's Matt, and I love video games. I got into gaming when I was young, my first console was the Sega Genesis, though most of my early gaming was with my cousins at their house, where they had the good ol' SNES. Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter II, and Sonic are my earliest memories of video games, and unsurprisingly, my favorite genres of games today are platformers and fighting games.

Don't get me wrong now, I love all games, and that's the truth. Ok, most games; I tend to be turned off my excessive realism in games, with some weird exceptions. Essentially I don't enjoy games that have me doing things that I could be doing in real life, or ones that impose too many real-life restrictions on me. As such, simulation-type games and sports games tend to rub me the wrong way (with the exception of Gran Turismo and some FIFA games, for whatever reason). Unless these games are arcade-like in their gameplay, they don't get much attention from me.

My favorite games of all time? Can I choose by genre? Even then it's hard. My favorite platformer would have to be Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, because I'm a glutton for punishment. My favorite fighting game is easily Guilty Gear Accent Core, because its impossible NOT to love that game. I still play it to death. My other favorites tend to get blurred together, but some that I really love are Shadow of the Colossus, the Devil May Cry series, Dead Space, Final Fantasy 7 and 10 (playing 6 right now and loving it, don't murder me), oh and FF TACTICS!!! That actually might be my favorite game of all time. There are just so many good games.

Right now I'm mainly playing PC games and old NES, SNES, GBA, and PS1 games. Why all the old games? Two reasons. 1) I'm a college student and can't afford a console (PS3 at home D:) If I could I'd own ALL the consoles so I'd never miss anything. and then 2) I grew up with the Genesis and then the PS1, PS2, and PS3. As such, I've missed out on basically EVERY NINTENDO CLASSIC and that's just not ok. I'd always go over to friends' houses and they'd have the latest Zelda game or whatever and I was missing out. I don't like missing out (like I said before, ALL THE GAMES I MUST PLAY THEM). In particular I'm currently working through a number of games: Osmos(PC/Steam), Earthbound(SNES), and uhhh....Bioshock. Yes, I know. I'm a busy guy, ok? I mentioned before that I was also playing FFVI, and I was, but it's kind of on hold until I beat these other games. I have this "multiple games" habit, as you can see; it gets me into trouble sometimes.

So yea, I think that that's about it. Oh, before someone tries to kill me, I plan on replaying FFIX again, I think I did it wrong before (yea..) and I might have a better experience the second time through.
I've been creeping in the shadows at Dtoid for a while now, maybe it's time for a change.

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