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No shutdown avatar 12:54 AM on 10.25.2007  (server time)
Weekly Web-comic Review #2

So my resolve to start posting my reviews on Wednesdays (for alliteration's sake!) kinda fizzled and as such, this is being posted early Thursday morning. Really, really, really early, Thursday morning. But I'm sure you don't care about that, so I'll move on to my review
you heartless bastards

This week I'll be looking at Octopus Pie, which just happens to be one of my new favorite web-comics. What's so good about it you ask?

Shut up!
I didn't tell you you could ask questions!

Octopus Pie is a web-comic by Meredith Gran which just started up pretty recently. So for those of you who don't like mucking through archives, go ahead and jump on the bandwagon now, before it takes off like some kindof... bandwagon... with.. rockets.... that... go.. fast.


So why do I think Octopus Pie is worth your time? Well it doesn't suck, that's for sure...


Octopus pie is the tale of two roommates, Eve and Hannah, who live in New York and face the trials and tribulations of everyday life and living with each other. That's right, it's yet another buddy comic. Unlike last week's entry however, there are no zombies.

So you must be asking yourself about why should I even check it out?




I'm not gonnna lie, there really isn't thing that crazy about Octopus pie. No robots, no insane setting, and no random twist. And that's why I like it. Octopus Pie is a slice of life web-comic afloat in a sea of dreadfully boring cliched zany strips. And really what makes it shine in that stupid, smelly, and probably reaeeally bad tasting sea is good writing. The characters are interesting and dynamic, and the story manages to avoid cliches without being dull. And hey, it can be funny too...

Also, random boobies and violence never hurt either.


I'd have to say that the art in Octopus Pie is probably my favorite part. From a technical standpoint the lines are crisp and the character design is dynamic and eye-catching. NO character looks the same, and for once I can finally tell that people are different heights! ( an aspect 8 out of 10 comics lack, I'm looking at you ctrl alt del!)

It's not just the character design that is awesome either. There are actual backgrounds and different panel angles. You're not just looking in the same direction at the same bland looking walls.

I really couldn't heap enough praise on the art, because unlike other comics there is actually a direction for said art. And you can actually tell where the comic takes place(New York), something I rarely see in web-comics.


First off I'd just like to say I'm thankful that Octopus Pie has a cleanly designed and interesting site. It's not often you see both! Usually you only get a crisp frontpage that, while functional, is boring to look at. Or you get a heaping pile of mess that is ... interesting... but confusing nonetheless.

Ironically enough there are no extras listed under the extra section of Octopus Pie, but there are one or two points of interest. You'll find the standards (archive, store, rss feed, links). However, there is a neat-o little mp3 player on the sidebar that makes you feel cooler by listening to indy(indie?) bands, and a little "what I'm doing" box that let's stalker's get easy access to the author....
I kid, really it's a nice little addition that gives the site a more personable feel.

While Dr. Mcninja may have been my favorite comic of last year, Octopus Pie is definitely this years. With a wonderfully original art direction, and a story that's actually interesting, I have no choice but to give it...

4 crapilly made ms paint stars!(out of four, duh!)

Man, I guess I better review something crappy next weekend huh?

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