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I owe my entrance into the gaming community to my brother. I have fond memories of watching him playing TMNT on the NES ( and totally owning the dam level!!!), and less fond memories of me forgetting to go to the bathroom to relieve myself because I was so engrossed(I was like, two!).

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So I know I'm not the only one with rock band, and I'm definitely not the only one with broken gear. Unlike most people I don't really bother complaining or worrying about it unless it really impedes my gaming experience. Unfortunately I completely busted not one, but two instruments.

On the day before thanksgiving, during a particularly metal rendition of enter sandman, I managed to snap the bass pedal on my drums in twain. TWAIN!!


Seriously though, it snapped at the base right where the pedal connects to the joint. Obviously I couldn't re-attach the pedal through normal means.

I've heard this is a pretty common worry for people, because, to be honest, the pedal is quite flimsy towards the base. Thankfully there is a pretty easy fix. Just reattach the spring and put the orange section in its original position. Than take a vast quantity of electrical, or duct tape, whichever you prefer or is handy, and tape that sucker back in place at the base where the snap occurred. Mine ended up looking something like this

It's not the prettiest looking thing in the world, but I can assure you that It works rather well. In fact, I haven't really noticed a difference between my pedal pre and post break. You also might wanna do this if your pedal still works but you're still worried about it breaking. I'm not sure it will actually prevent breakage, but you might sleep easier.

Now, the other problem that everyone's heard about is the faulty guitars (which I personally attribute to EA). The main complaints are unwanted double strums or the down strum giving out a few hours into the game. Now at first I attributed this to stupid people who hit their strum bars too hard. Unfortunately I found out how wrong I was when I discovered my bottom strum had decided to call it quits. Thinking I was screwed I turned to the internet, preparing to send the faulty unit in. But I was saved from unnecessary hassle by people who are far more daring, and who know much more about electronics than me.

This fix however, isn't as easy as the first, and you're going to have to get your hands dirty opening your controller up. You'll have to locate the area where the sensor bar is attached and readjust a screw and a small metal piece. For much more detailed/helpful instructions, check out this post.

It's really not all that hard to do, it won't void your warranty, and it should only take about 25 minutes (which is certainly better than a two week wait for a new controller). It will require a tiny screwdriver though.

So I hope you can fix up your gear, if its broken. personally I think the game itself is fantastic and a much better choice than gh3 (if you can afford it that is). So much of what is good about the game has already been said, so there isn't much to add. Except that you should go get it....


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