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After a moderately successful career in commercial architecture, Niz has struck out on his own as a writer and illustrator, and hopes to publish some neat books in the near future. Notwithstanding his daily regiment of prose, the lad also takes time out to check on the latest games courtesy of Joystiq and Destructoid, among others, and currently gets his dose of Canabalt in HD whenever the need arises. Motion sickness has made playing FPS a nightmare, though fortunately third-person action is still okay, and a soft spot for point-and-click adventures, platformers, side-scrollers and good story-telling will, without a doubt, keep this gamer active for many, many more years to come.
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11:31 AM on 07.26.2010

As a keen follower of the story of John-117, the ending of Halo 3 was a cliffhanger that left me (and presumably many other Halo fans) wondering what lay in store for Master Chief way out there in the middle of unknown space, the war with the Covenant all but finished. A brief, post-Halo 3 glimpse of him and Cortana in the Halo Legends anime did little to sate my curiosity. That curiosity however was vaporised when I watched the Forge 2.0 docu-video and heard a Bungie designer mention that Halo:Reach was their swan song to the Halo franchise. What? No more games with Spartans, or more importantly, the Chief? I was crushed.

And then, I chanced upon Matthew Razak's post earlier today. Hope was restored. I was ecstatic. So ecstatic, in fact, I spent a few hours painting the Spartan himself. I tweaked his helmet and suit for good measure, too. Couldn't let those Noble Team Spartans be the only ones looking good in their swanky armour, now could I?

Long live the Chief!

12:30 PM on 01.16.2010

Despite having read some mixed responses on Dark Void (I'm sure everyone's familiar with the Rocketeer-ish game), I still wanted to find out how the game was myself. The comments I read were from playing console demos, so when the PC demo from Big Download popped up, I knew I had to try it. I'm running a Quad Core setup with an ATI 4830, and after the installation, graphics-wise, the game looked promising. Texture mapping, lighting, particle physics, everything was looking up to scratch.

And then I attempted my hand at flying.

I don't know how the guys on the consoles did, but with a keyboard and a Razer mouse, I couldn't make it work for me. Maybe it's my lack of skill, but I felt severely handicapped trying to manouevre the hero. Trying to shoot things down was a nightmare, let alone trying to hijack one of those flying disk ships. I had the distinct impression this game was meant to be played with a controller, and even then, I heard the controls for those were pretty bleak.

That was flying. When I touched down on solid ground, I had some semblance of control, but between the keyboard and mouse, I was getting my ass kicked. Granted, it's third-person (which I thought would've worked for me since I suck at FPS) but my shooting was all over the place, and my attempts at doing that while hovering (which I thought was visually cool) didn't fare any better. I had a better time landing smack in the midst of the enemy droids and bashing them with my bare hands (and feet). Kinda defeats the purpose of using all those cool guns, but hey, I had to get the job done.

So the demo's over, and all I'm left with is a headache. So much for a man strapping on a jetpack and fighting anywhere, everywhere. The only fighting I'll be doing tonight is with some aspirin.

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010! Another year quickly passes, and my gaming for December ended with the finale to the Tales of Monkey Island series, Rise of the Pirate God. Truly a memorable ending, with a surprise twist. The Voodoo Lady... what a schemer! I seriously didn't see that one coming.

So its twelve days into January and I'm going through Destructoid when I see this contest organised by Anthony Burch. The prizes? An Overgrowth/Natural Selection 2 pre-order sale pack for nine lucky winners, courtesy of Wolfire Games and Unknown Worlds, and all you have to do is draw, or photoshop, rabbits kicking some alien ass. As in, violently. Did someone say 'drawing'? And win prizes? Well, hello, contest! That there picture you're looking at is my entry, and let me say, it was a tough competition. Lots of great (and witty) submissions.

Alas, there can only be nine winners... and fortunately, I was one of them! Woo hoo! Looking forward to getting my hands on these awesome-looking games. Now that's the way to kick-off the new year!

I don't own an iPhone. If I did, I'd have Canabalt on it. This is because I'm pretty much playing it daily in HD, and I'd like to bring with me the leaping, single-button experience, if I ever happen to be detached from my desktop. I thought I'd reached the crowning height of my skills when I got past the 12,000m mark, when to my horror, I found this. Scores at over 30,000m? What the...?!

Having seen those figures, I chose to expend my dejection on some drawing, by enlarging the game's pint-sized pixelated parkour protagonist, and giving him a bit more life. It was an interesting exercise, since it made me think of the game's premise, about who the escapee was and what those robot-things in the background were doing to the city. Not that that stuff really matters, but at least I could rationalise a purpose for his insane jumping madness, and that it wasn't just about chasing high scores that are like, unchaseable.

11:11 PM on 11.16.2009

Suffice to say, my participation with tech and gaming websites has pretty been much that of an avid reader rather than a participator. However, that all changed when I came across the Destructoid Artisans' Scumm Contest, and I knew I just HAD to put something in. I mean, who wouldn't want a season of Tales of Monkey Island by Telltale Games, right? I certainly did, and thanks to the Artisans, I've enjoyed the last three episodes of Guybrush's adventure on the high seas, complete with the pox, manatees and booty.

Here's to more winning booty in future! Arr!

ps: Oh yeah, you can check out the winners of the Scumm contest at the Dtoid Artisans blog here. I'm fourth from the top. Ahh, how I miss the roar of those Corleys.

Arr! The first post on any blog is bound to be fraught with thought and consideration, as to how it may be read and construed, but what the hey? This is supposed to be fun, right? Anyway, after a decent fourth place finish in a Dtoid Artisans contest, I decided to try my hand at the Telltale Games' Halloween contest, and man, was I in for a surprise! The entrants were many, the talented even more so, and I didn't make the cut. Arr! But kudos to the winners, sculpture and industrial design really isn't my forte. Nevertheless, we should all continue to push out work that we believe in, even if it's not necessarily winning material. Muah hah ha!

Here's what I put for the contest. The good thing about it is that I now have a cool framed pop-up sitting on my bookshelf. Gotta love that Guybrush Threepwood!