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Games: Shooter, WRPG, RTS and anything weird and unusual.

Platforms: PC, XBox360, WII (Rarely Played Though), PS3

Profession: Fixes Computers (But not yours!)

The title of the article sums up my experience in the last 3 years of gaming very well I feel. When I got out of high school it seems most people I played games with just stopped. They didn't have the money, school was all consuming and the reasons went on and on. I understood them and it slowly drove me to single player games.

Single player games have been great. I have loved the world they have brought me. Fallout 3 is definatly my game of the year for 2008. It was so fully realized in terms of the world and the people that it felt as if this world could exist.

The loss of the multiplayer side of games for me comes, not from the lack of great multiplayer games but my own desire to play with people I know will not be douche bags. This had led me to the DToid community. I have heard great things about this place and I hope they are all true.

Hope to see you all on xbox live, PSN or perhaps steam.