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10:15 AM on 07.29.2007

Sundays are lame! Enter SundaySystemSoddamy!

Sundays are so boring its off the chart, they are good for only one thing: Recovering from saturday night.Even the interwebs are slow moving on a sunday...
It makes me feel like this:

So, in an attempt to keep myself entertained I've decided that every sunday I'm going to work on some small soft mods to gaming/other nerdy accessories, and that if you are foolish enough to enter this space I will waste your time.
At the moment I've got a pretty basic electronics skill level, but hopefully this'll help me improve that too - 'cause theres no better way of learning than breaking something, or giving yourself mild electric shocks.

So I plan on working on a popular mod this sunday: a NES Pad phone.

But with it being so late in the day already (and not being able to find my old nes pads) I doubt it will get finished today, so until then I leave you with the respray/L.E.D. replacement job that is my girlfriends shiny pink gamecube:

Also, if pictures are worth a thousand words then my future blogs are gonna be real long. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Fail or succeed, I'll put the mess up on sundays.
Enjoy your sunday d'toider's!   read

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