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Like most d'toiders I'd say my level of geek is carefully balanced between gaming and social life.
Just about to complete my degree in Business Information Technology, then I guess its back out to the big wide world of work again.
I guess I should list my console collection (in the order I first got my own, not played them):
Atari ST 9200
Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)
Super Nintendo
Sony Playstation
Nintendo 64
Gameboy Color
PC (My first personally owned one)
Gameboy Micro
Nintendo DS Lite (white)
Nintendo DS Lite (black)
Nintendo DS Lite (ice blue)
Xbox 360

You can usually catch me on steam or live quite often, and I welcome any friend requests from dtoid users :)

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Sundays are so boring its off the chart, they are good for only one thing: Recovering from saturday night.Even the interwebs are slow moving on a sunday...
It makes me feel like this:

So, in an attempt to keep myself entertained I've decided that every sunday I'm going to work on some small soft mods to gaming/other nerdy accessories, and that if you are foolish enough to enter this space I will waste your time.
At the moment I've got a pretty basic electronics skill level, but hopefully this'll help me improve that too - 'cause theres no better way of learning than breaking something, or giving yourself mild electric shocks.

So I plan on working on a popular mod this sunday: a NES Pad phone.

But with it being so late in the day already (and not being able to find my old nes pads) I doubt it will get finished today, so until then I leave you with the respray/L.E.D. replacement job that is my girlfriends shiny pink gamecube:

Also, if pictures are worth a thousand words then my future blogs are gonna be real long. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Fail or succeed, I'll put the mess up on sundays.
Enjoy your sunday d'toider's!