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Nintendojitsu avatar 1:36 AM on 02.19.2009  (server time)
The very definition of Hardcore...

[b]Do you consider yourself a hardcore gamer? Chances are your not.Do you use FAQs?
Use unlimited continues, play your games on easier difficulties or use codes or cheating devices.If you have
done any of the following, you just aren't hardcore.I know I have and the sad thing is most gamers have.I
remember back in the day it was something you boasted about being able to finish a game without
dying.Now it seems that time has gone away due to our sick and perverted love of all things HD.Hardcore
used to be about skill now it is a hollow shell of its once illustrious past.The term has loss all meaning and
now refers to games that could'nt hold a candle to games of that era.

Weaksauce.That is now the state of gaming today.A generation of gamers who rather take the easy way
out of a situation.I shake my head in confusion.Where did we go wrong? On the subject of which, Wii
exactly, I do not blame Nintendo it goes far deeper than that.The blame should be placed on gamers or
should I say the ones that currently support the HD console war.You begged and pleaded to your beloved
console makers that you wanted all this raw horsepower but you never asked for better games just more of
the same.And what so we get just more of the same.It used to be all about gameplay, now the primary
focus of gamers is the new shiny pretty very empty.WTF! Did I miss a memo or something?I am now a firm
believer in Nintendo's philosophy.I think we should all take a step back before we should any further.My
graphics have evolved but gameplay is still in the stoneage.Speaking of which I have converted to all things
retro, especially my games.I feel that we as well since no new games offer the raw and true grit of the old

I offer this blog up as a challenge to all gamers young and old.Don't let hardcore become a over used
fanboy stereotype and play all your games to 11.

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