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Nintendo Nerdist's blog

10:00 AM on 02.04.2012

Redesigning the 3DS

You know it's coming. Probably not this year, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that in 2013 we will see a newly designed 3DS hit the market. Given Nintendo's track record for releasing updated versions of the same hardware and ...   read

12:24 PM on 01.31.2012

3DS Wish List + Pokemon: Type Wild

2012 is going to be a great year for those of us that have a 3DS. The list of quality titles coming out this year is quite impressive. Resident Evil: Revelations, Tales of the Abyss, TEKKEN 3D Prime Edition, Metal Gear Soli...   read

2:20 PM on 01.30.2012

999, Mutant Mudds, and Freakyforms.

With the discovery that 999 is getting a follow-up game, I realized that I had never played it to start with. A shame to be sure as it's turning out to be a great game. I'm ashamed of myself for letting it fly under my rada...   read

9:20 AM on 01.28.2012

The introductory blog

Hello everyone, my name is Dallas and I'm 34 from the Chattanooga area. I'll be clear on this from the start so everyone will know where I stand on the issue, despite this particular blog being Nintendo focused I love everyt...   read

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