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ARGGGH!!! There Be Pirates!!

I am not a fan of video game pirates. I say this towards those people that have never purchased a video game in their lives and somehow sit on a throne of self-satisfaction without ever thinking of the people that they may ha...


Reflections: Up, Up and....Don't Look Down

To stand upon the highest point, whether it be on top of a mountain or one of the tallest buildings in the world, or even a roller coaster is one of those exhilarating experiences that can almost “pay the price” for being ...


More Awakened Stuff

Another day another post about the continuing to impress super-hero themed game "Awakened" by Phospher games. It seems like only the other day that wait...it was the other day that I posted about the things that I hope are in...


Awakened Trailer Thoughts

I have to say that after watching the new Trailer for Phospher's new game (or old game with a new name) that I am very excited about the potential that is being shown for a super hero game that may finally scratch more than t...


The Hate of A Bulletstorm

After seeing yet another hate filled comment about how Bulletstorm looks like “just another shooter” I felt that I had to write something positive about it. If anything Bulletstorm looks like a shining light in an extremely g...


A Good A time

After receiving a spiffy new laptop as a gift from a friend I thought that this would be as good a time as .any to officially welcome myself to the community. I have been hanging around for a little over a year now and haven'...


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