Hello, I'm Ninjamoose and video games are my drug of choice.

I'm a guy who's going to dedicate the next god knows how long to writing about games, just like everyone else.

The thing to make me unique hopefully is that I'll have a focus on older games. Stuff everyone might have played, but put down since it was too buggy (at the time) to trudge through, too imbalanced, too this, too that.

My idea is that since the games I'm willing to review have been out for a while, they will be made better or worse, depending on the publisher and quality of updates.

Now since I'm a youngin' who don't got no time fo' no single player experiences, I'm probably going to focus on multiplayer games that people would often consider "old". But not to worry my RPG or single player exclusive friends, I'll definitely have some content for you, since I'm a closet RPG and turn based strategy game fan.

Does anyone read this anyways?
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Granted, that's a bit of a sensationalist title, considering the only other movies I've seen this year are Dredd, Robocop (2014), and Frozen, which I regret mentioning now since I hate to profess my love for it.

I digress.

I'm not one to really judge the quality of the story, since it is an adaptation of a graphic novel, but I will say this: It's appropriately "comic-ey". 

It's got a clear cut good guy (or at least one who's chaotic good), a clear cut bad guy with clear cut motives, a solid twist, and an ok love plot, and plenty of fun characters along the way.

I'm also going to say this: I've not been a fan of the Marvel adaptations recently. Captain America could not exist and the world could probably be fine without it. The Avengers was mediocre at best, and the second one I found disappointing. I came into this movie pessimistic, wondering how this could go so wrong with such a solid idea. 

I couldn't be more wrong. Starting out with the choice of actors, Pratt did a solid job. A little over-acting here and  there, but altogether a good performance. He really has the "smooth-talker" look down (read: douche), and is able to pull it off in spades. I think that Saldana did a great job with the material that she had, but I think she could have tried a little harder to come across as a "don't fuck with my shit" type of character. It seemed like she melted a little too easily for someone who's supposed to be the universes biggest badass. Bautista actually didn't detract from the movie, which surprised me the most thoroughly. He fit the character incredibly well. I thought that Vin Diesel as Groot was hilarious. Cooper's voice didn't go to waste either, since it seemed he actually enjoyed the shit out of being a pissed-off guy who's tired of everyone's crap. Also I'm just a Rooker fan, so I loved how he played that role, although I will admit the same way he approached every situation did make his character a little boring.

The visuals were insane.

I actually felt like I was with them in every environment they had. Plus, the use of practical effects mixed in with them added to the immersion. It felt like my bladder was going to explode, but I just couldn't tear myself from the screen. All the spaceship designs were top freaking notch. The Star-Fox like ones were so freaking awesome. The cities seemed a bit hollow, though, especially on ground level. Not sure if that's just the effect of the designs, but it really felt like they were empty.

Honestly, I can't say too much more about it without delving into the details of the story, and I don't want to spoil anything for anyone out there reading this. Assuming there is anyone. Which there probably isn't. 


This movie I'd rate as a 9/10. It delivered on everything I hoped for, and more. Go and watch it right now.

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