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11:14 AM on 11.11.2007  

Oblivion or Mass Effect?

Ok, ok. I know a few lucky awesome people got Mass Effect, but, is it really as good as Oblivion? Does Mass Effect really pull off the open endedness and the "HOLY CRAP Theres a lot of **** to do up in here!"??? I have been playing Oblivion for a while now and i want something new. Is mass effect really Oblivion in space, or is it something COMPLETElY different?   read

5:04 PM on 11.09.2007  

Is the Sniper really for noobs?

Its been a worldwide question that i have been pondering and so has many others. Seeing that Destructiod has the gamers who actually know what they're talking about, I came here for answers from the community. Is the sniper rifle in most games (ex. Counter Strike and Halo) really for noobs? Thanks.   read

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