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4:07 PM on 02.05.2008 // Ninevolt
Team Fortress 2 Patch- New Weapons and MOAR

A new TF2 patch is underway, and here is some incoming info for ur faces. Preatty awesome, and all info is straight from Valve, no false info here.

Valve is issuing a new patch for TF2 (ns). This new patch will be more of an altering patch, adding new instead of fixing old. A couple of big disappointments in the patch. The patch will, ffs, INCREASE THE PYRO'S POWER. Wow, that just needed to be done. *sarcasm* And, THE DEMOMAN WILL BE NERFED. Wtg Valve, I still love you though.

A big addition is a new gametype/map called Goldrush. This map will be very different from any other map in the game. The gametype has one of the teams have a super high tech minecart (ENOUGH WITH THE MINECARTS, JESUS) and one team will have to get near it to make it move to the finish line. At the same time, the opposing team will be trying to get near the minecart, and therefore halting its progress.

Another huge thing is the addition of the Overhealer This baby will boost the teammate's health to 200%, but it will drastically reduce ubercharge build up, or may halt it alltogether. How is this thing unlocked? By completing half of the class achievements for the class. If you unlock all of them, you will get another goodie (not released yet) Every class will be getting 2 new weapons as well, but none of them have been released yet (but I will give continuous updates).

I cant wait for this patch, and I CAN wait to get completely pwnd by pyros. Oh wellz, it'll be a new way to keep players interested, I guess. I hope the engineer gets a cooler sentry...


UPDATE: Another new map has been released, named Badlands. I personally dont really care because it doesnt present a new game type. Oh well.
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