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MS Wants to give you the goods!

Not sure if anyone has posted on this yet, and frankly it's been difficult to keep up on whats been posted and what hasn't with all this April Fools Day mayhem, though here they are... New products to look forward to this spring! http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/promotions/2008/spring/default.htm Personally I think I would really appreciate the recon edition for camping in the summer.


The Drug of Electronic Choosing

Today I was called a pusher...a peddler of addictions...but my offering vice was not a chemical stimulant. It was not a mood enhancer, emotions meddler, tear suppressant, or liquid lunch...oh no it was far more evil, far more...


A Non-Introduction

I am nothing more than a gamer saying hello, I have lurked in the darker recesses of Destructoid for some time now leaving nothing more than a few spare comments. Bored at work today I decided it was time to say hello and st...


About Nincompooperyone of us since 9:11 AM on 02.05.2007

I'm generally a nincompoop and by most standards an asshole. I'm too old to give a shit if I offend or hurt anyone's feelings.

I play video games, drink beer, spend time with my family and play video games.

Currently Playing:

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360)
Pokemon Diamond
Rock Band (360)
World of Warcrack (AGAIN)

"Don't take life so seriously it isn't permanent."

Side Note: My former Gamer Tag for Xbox Live was "Nincompoopery" however MS screwed up with the regional setting edit options so I was forced to create a new gamer tag to be able to download songs for Rock Band. It's a long story and nobody gives a shit so as of March 2008 I am now ZOMBIE ZEALOT!



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