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Nimsshow avatar 11:35 PM on 11.21.2013  (server time)
The Weeks to Come

Well... the new consoles are here and after a week of hype and news articles I feel I have finally waded through most of the grog to see what was really important this week. And I have to say despite the crashes and sarcastic remarks on twitter, the executives over at Sony have earned those tequila shots they keep hidden away in a desk drawer. Even I, who has never owned any form of sony gaming product, have to say they make a pretty compelling argument through their actions alone.

The first piece of news that caught my eye was actually not from Sony but Microsoft, who took to Twitter to congratulate Sony on a successful launch. This act comes straight out of something like Miracle on 34th Street. Now for those of you who donít know this movie one of the key moments of the play sees two rival storesí ownerís shaking hands. What will be interesting here is to see how Sony responds. Will they congratulate Microsoft? Will they say nothing? I think the latter would be a bit of a snub after Microsoft was so polite to them.

The next piece of news that caught my eye was Sonyís pricing info release. It reportedly costs Sony $381 dollars to build a PS4 and they sell for $399. That is a profit of only $18 on Sonyís end (which doesnít even account for the amount a store such as GameStop will take). Now I have to admit that I am Ob-Sessed with this piece of news. After so many news stories that it costs Apple an absurdly low amount of money to make an iPhone, to hear that a company isnít trying to steal all your money restores a bit of my faith in the free market, even if iím still going to wait for a price drop.†

The last event that made me glad to be a gamer at this point in time didnít come from any news site but instead South Park. I know that sounds like a cop out but these past two episodes of what appears to be a trilogy have been a gamers dream come true at least for me. And since the creators of south park are currently making a game it appears these episodes may be some big build up to a joke about that. Also Iím waiting for the Black Friday Bundle.†

So with the Xbox One coming out today if youíre being technical I expect big things over this next week from Microsoft since Sony has set the bar pretty high. To Sony Iíd like to see some tact from you. The same kindness Microsoft showed you. And to the gamers out there Iíd really appreciate it if youíd keep on with the videos, pictures, posts and tweets coming in these next weeks.

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