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11:18 PM on 01.16.2014

I did something i'm not too proud of (some might call it blasphemy). I restarted a Pokemon game. Yes I deleted my old save and started a new game in order to catch new Pokemon and repay through the story.
Now i've never been a great Pokemon player. If I were a gym leader I'd be one of the early gyms that has a nice gimmick but a pretty easy to beat leader. However, one of the new features added in this game is the ease of EV training. For those of you who don't know (and i've only read about them in wikipedia pages) EVs are the reason your defense stat read "+0" one level up and "+4" the next. In this version of Pokemon you can have a greater amount of control over those stats. This is basically what competitive players do for hours to make a perfect team.

Now I just added my new favorite Pokemon, Joltik, to my team after I traded a Vespiquen. This was another great addition to the game. You can battle and trade people from all over the world with just a basic internet connection. Now I only caught that Combee (the pre-evolved form of Vespiquen) in an attempt to use it's ability to get Honey. However I didn't realize it was a female, which you need for an evolution. I wasn't big on it's evolution as she kept beating me in diamond whenever I fought the bug trainer in the elite four. But turning it into one of my favorite Pokemon which I was then able to train to be even more awesome than it should be was a great feeling and one I think a lot of other Pokemon games could capitalize on.

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