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Nimsshow avatar 12:00 AM on 12.27.2013  (server time)
All I want for Christmas (is my two good games)

This has happened to me countless times. I've gone on vacation and forgot to bring something. Now for most people it's probably something like sunblock for the beach or a hat for skiing. But for me it's games. I have forgotten to bring a good game on many a trip back home from college or to the beach without a DS to pass the time.

Some would call this a first world problem but I look at it as an opportunity. This christmas I picked up an old game I haven't played in ages called Infinite Undiscovery which sounds like something someone would say after declaring today opposite day. I have been playing this game non-stop since monday after I got off work. It isn't the best game i've ever played but it's the first game i've played where I got to play it with a friend next to me. Her name is Haley and she is a musical whiz kid. Now any Square Enix game carries the weight of having amazing music but every bit of this game is laced with music. From the main characters moves to some of the items you pick up Haley pointed out a bunch of things I never picked up on before.

I've had a great time with Haley and I do always contend that even single player games can be made infinitely more fun with a friend. Why do you think let's plays with two people do so well on the internet today? So for the week of christmas my presents were (1) not having to listen to my uncle's mildly bigoted theories on biblical study, and (2) getting to play games with a good friend. Thanks Haley

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