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I've been gaming since the late 80's, Frogger being my game of choice back then on the Amstrad (casettes were and awesome medium for games!)
I played everything from Mario Bros. on the NES; pretty much everything on the Commodore 64 at friend's houses; and diverse games at the local arcade.

My dad got a 286 IBM PC from work at some point in 1990, which soon got me started on Monkey Island, Wolfenstein 3D and the like.
This was the age of shareware on floppy disks, and copying game manuals so you could enter your pirated games;changing floppys midgame, and waiting for it to load. (anyone remember that loading sound? Takes me back) Also MS-DOS, and Windows 3.11.
Other memorable titles from the early 90's would be Halloween Harry, Commander Keen, King's Quest, Space Quest... the list goes on.

I got a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, About '92 or '93, bundled with Super Mario World. Which is still by far the best Mario game in my book. When at my dad's we used to rent games at the local video rental store. Street Fighter II, Turtles 4: Turtles in time (Which my brother and I beat on the hardest setting while renting it for 24 hours!) Rock'n'Roll Racing, Bugsy the Bobcat (awful game, but this is mostly about nostalgia) and perhaps my favourite game of all time: Zombies Ate My Neighbours, which I still have to complete at some point.

The original GameBoy was in my possession as well, Ducktales, Tetris, etc.

I got my own 386 in 1996 I believe, with a whopping 80 MB HDD. The entire Lucas Arts repertoire I could get my hands on was crammed on there, and I coded batch and C++ on that bad mutha.
Command & Conquer, Archimedian Dynasty, Normality, Sub Culture... too many to name really.

I still have two of the original game boxes I bought in the 90's; Space Quest V, and Sam'n'Max Hit the Road. The rest I threw out in my teenage insanity. Which is why I am going bald now.

Since then I've gone through a few PC's, and all the consoles Nintendo came out with; Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii.

These days I mostly play adventure and RPG games on the PC, including the odd action game on my Xbox 360. I'm still an avid Nintendo fan, concerning the DS at least, I think the Wii is pretty much useless.
I am currently on my 13th month away from WoW.

I like the Steam distribution model, and support indie developers whenever I can; Telltale, Frogware, Zero Point Software and so on.
I'll still play the classic Lucas arts games every now and then. I have a backlog of games I never got to play, (hey, some games were hard to come by before the internet) including the old Zork titles, Gabriel Knight, and there are others I never finished, first and foremost would be Earthbound for the SNES. On my to-do list.

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