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Oh, hi there. Didnít see you enter. Anyways, welcome to my humble little blog. For those of you not familiar with who I am, the nameís Brian. Iím 24 years old and hail from Findlay, Ohio. I work at the local newspaper here as a copy editor, putting my four long years of college to actual use. Kind of. I think.

For those of you who might recognize me from elsewhere, I work as Assistant Gaming Editor over at Blogcritics Gaming and as Features Editor over at Tomopop. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it because I get to do a lot of cool shit with a lot of cool people.

I've been gaming since the relatively young age of around 3 and I've played plenty of games, both good and bad. I'm continuously expanding my gaming collection, which has become more of an archive in recent years as I'm focusing on collecting older, less well-known titles. You'd honestly be surprised on what people are missing out on in bargain bins...

Other than gaming, I love anime, manga, sports, movies, TV, and a whole lot more. I also happen to have something of a legendary love for Cammy, to the point that I am the site's unofficial official Cammy fanboy. And yes, I do play as her in Street Fighter and do so quite well, too.

Also, I am Chad Concelmo's B.F.F., my prize for coming in first in The Great Retro Quiz .18 - ActRaiser. Accept no substitutes. Not even Aerox.

Contact Info:

AIM: NihonTiger90
MSN: hurricane317 at
Skype: NihonTiger90
Twitter: brianszabelski
GMail: brianszabelski at
MySpace: Click
Steam: NihonTiger

Mad props to Ghost for this amazing card!

Great Retro Quiz! Results

Punch-Out! featuring Mike Tyson

Star Fox (winner)
ActRaiser (winner)
Ninja Gaiden
Street Fighter II
Super Mario Kart

Donkey Kong Country
Smash Bros.
Zelda II

Nihon's Gallery of Hotness:

(Yes, thatís one of Dtoidís own, Hollie (a.k.a. phoenix-blood). I met her at PAX and she is awesome.)

(Ooooh, I think I found a new favorite :3)

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Well last night, I certainly had fun with the whole 10 things meme that was going around, but I realized I left out some cool things. So here's another batch of things you didn't know about me:

1.) I r athlete. My looks might deceive you, but yes, I was an athlete in high school. I played soccer for four years, ran track (long-distance) for three years and played tennis and basketball for one year each. I was never good enough to play at the college level in any of those sports, but I still try to keep on my feet and I want to perhaps try out for a soccer team one day to see if I can do it.

2.) I nearly drowned. True story: while one of my friends was helping me overcome my old fear of deep water, they pulled me under at the wrong time. He was supposed to count to three but only got to two. I ended up going under the water with my mouth and eyes wide open, which unfortunately, did more to scare the piss out of me than anything. I eventually overcame the fear a few years later, but if I hadnít struggled back up to the surface, I might have drowned that day.

3.) I have two younger sisters, both hardcore gamers. The three of us have been playing with - and more often than not, against - each other for as long as I can remember. Of course, that's when there's a game that appeals to all of us. We all have incredibly different tastes: one of my sisters loves Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and anything with Yoshi, while the other loves RPGs, Zelda and Metroid. I fill in most of the other genres.

I donít think youíll ever see them around here, though, either because theyíre not so interested in online gaming communities and because Iím just not going to deal with the whole mess that comes with having sisters hanging around on Dtoid.

4.) I almost ended up in California. And unemployed. I was a finalist for a job at a newspaper there, but someone else was picked over me. Two months later, once I had a job in Ohio, I saw a posting for the exact same job I had applied for and realized the person they had hired had been laid off as part of a corporate downsizing. I dodged quite a bullet there.

5.) I like to travel and want to visit, well, everywhere. I always like exploring new places that I haven't been before and I have a list of countries I'd like to visit some day. The only problem is a monetary one, as in that I am too busy at work and too damn broke right now to really even think of visiting anywhere besides the state of Ohio. *sigh*

6.) The Killers did a song about me.


7.) I blog because, well, I love you guys. Sure, I'm not on the front page, but really, that doesn't bother me. What I care most about is the community, and you guys rock. I write in large part because you guys read my stuff and actually care enough to keep coming back for more of it. And as long as that's the case, I don't plan on stopping. :)

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