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Nihil avatar 2:52 PM on 10.01.2010  (server time)
SeptemBEARD Results/Deep Closing Thoughts

We had a contest in the forums.

Of which the Grand Prize for the winner would be
Ultimate Manly Bragging Rights.

I realize this was probably unfair to you C-Bloggers who would have liked to obtain/unlock such a Splendiforous and Monumental trophy/achievement.

Well tough shit. You should come down to the basement more often. We're better people there.

And so the winning winner of the winniful winny win win cocks goes to....


Who, LIKE A BAWSE, started a day late and still outbearded the shit outta the rest of us. You ladies can hear his sexy MAN-voice on the next Destructoid Communicast talking about chopping wood with his dick and getting "MOM" literally tattooed on his heart by the Surgeon General.

Congratulations, Sentry! Our beards tip their bearded top hats, and bowler hats, and baseball hats, and beanie hats toward your mighty manly man-ness!

Runners-up include Me, Clown Baby, Manic Maverick, and Jon Bloodspray, because we were the only ones who're MAN enough to fucking take up the challenge. Let's take a look back on the month where we celebrate our ability to grow AWESOME out our fuckin' FACES.


Clown Baby

Jon Bloodspray

Manic Maverick

Yours Truly

720 hours after the incident that caused me to cry myself to sleep for days on end. It was a grueling first week. I learned a lot of things. Mainly, that I should never fucking shave the front of my face again unless I plan on getting a serious tan. Which will also probably happen never.


Bros who decided to drop by and show off their fuzz:






Thanks again to you mens who participated and supported. Without you, Destructoid would be a less MANLY place to talk about vidjagaemz at. For those who wish to take part in similarly masculine events can do so during Novembeard, or possibly Decembeard, where/if somebody else can host them.

Because I'm never putting sharp metal to my mug again.

Not that I'm afraid of it, of course. I just, you know... I don't...


Also, Alaskan Smoked Porter = Bacon Beer. You know what to do!

We out.

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