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Nihil avatar 3:57 PM on 10.05.2010  (server time)
Post-PAX Goodie Bag/Also, Ronathon

Apparently, the best things about Hydrophobia are the puns.

And so, after a particularly less-than-stellar (yester)day (the best kind of day for these things to happen), I recieved a couple things in the mail. Yes, that's "Recieved", with an I before E after C.

Cuz I dungiva fuuuuuuk.

This feels really antithetical to my personality, but since I made a big deal out of it, I might as well follow-though. In case you don't remember, which you should (you selfish son of a bitch-bison), I put my avatar up for adoption. Partly as a joke and partly to see if anyone would actually take the bait. Elsa did. I dunno why. Maybe she swallowed a fly - which subsequently caused her to take my avatar to PAX to pose in various pictures.

Flies. They happen.

Anyway, she and her husband amassed a variety of materials to fiddle with and transport back to Canada, as one does at PAX. They then sent to me a portion of these items. I will now show you these items using the white devil voodoo known as internets.

A sweet note with some Canadian joke on it that I don't understand, and my avatar which has been touched by people and things. I should probably wash it, but I won't.

What do you think? A spitting image, no? You should see his other scythe...

Penis jokes.

I forget what these are called but you can pin them on yourself so that you look "hip" and "with it". Something I will need in the very near future...

A free trial to a PC game, for a PC that I can game on.
An elaborate poster for a game that I hear is pissing people off.

A couple more PC game trials. For a gaming PC.


A special message from the creators of Super Meat Boy, who vaguely remind me of Tim & Eric.

A yellow shirt promoting violence and another pin-thing that I didn't see at the bottom of the bag.

They shall go into THE VAULT where I keep my sacred ninja arsenal.

I mentioned at the beginning that it felt antithetical making a post like this. I get pessimistic when good things happen to me. So I hadn't really thought about flipping it around, like some inverse psyche jiu jitsu done by myself, on myself. As weird as that sounds and feels. But these are only words. And I'm a robot. So I'll just present the facts:

Elsa & Co. are [positive adjectives] for adopting, laminating, and taking pictures of my avatar with [positive adjective] people.
Elsa & Co. are [positive adjectives] for collecting things at PAX and sending them to me for no good reason (Internationally, I might add).
Elsa & Co. are [positive adjectives] in general.

Seriously, I don't know what I did to deserve such generosity. Even this small gesture was above and beyond what I thought would come from a silly blog. But all I can really do at this point is say, "Thank you very much!" And please... just send a check next time.

Speaking of above and beyond, and checks, Ronathon happened:

Not pictured: his broken, pain-filled soul.

I wasn't planning on this being my first NARP, even though it wasn't a NARP, for obvious reasons. This sudden bout of action was brought on by a certain douche who teased at becoming part of the activities, but was too caught up being douchey or whatever to attend, so I went by myself. This was also my first venture into LA by myself, so there's also that... I'll leave the detaily stuff to Al, but suffice to say, I'm glad that I went and that the event was a success. Maracas were violently shook. Bills were vicariously paid. Chickens were vigorously eaten. Boners were vividly had. Also, Ghouls + Kyle + Ghosts x Super / Rape = Priceless.

This has been yet another blog about precisely why this Community is the fucking best; brought to you by some random schmuck who just wanted a place to hang out on the net.

Thank you, Destructoid

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