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Nihil avatar 10:01 PM on 09.26.2011  (server time)
PAXisms... Part 1: About Damn Time Edition

Recollecting on the whole mysticism surrounding the event, in calendar-timeline fashion, has been interesting. From stating my intentions last winter (or whenever I first said I was going), to dumping my dirty clothes that I wore through the convention in the washing machine, there's this odd sense of achievement that I don't think I've felt in years, if ever.

"Interesting." I've been using that a lot. Too much, really, as a politically correct catch-all term for things I don't have the processing power to describe to satisfaction, in the moment. Someone get me a goddamn thesaurus... To just bash my head against.

The anticipation and second-guessing remained until I landed at SEA. I'm prone to expect the worst - it helps me better prepare for anything that might happen. But funnily, maybe even luckily enough, the events leading up to stepping inside the convention center for the first time went as smoothly as I think they could have.

This is where you derp on wood.

First and foremost, I have thank, again ('cause I can't do it enough), knutaf for facilitating my stay in Washington and the rupturing of my cross-state convention-hymen. This man and his wife rock so hard, you don't even know. Unless you were there- then you have a pretty good idea.

So I had gotten around to registering a bit late. Not knowing how exactly the days and nights before, during, and after PAX go down, I felt oddly nonchalant and just willing to roll with whatever happens, so I had gotten badges for Friday and Sunday back in May or whenever because 3-Day and Saturday were snatched up.

Cut to Wednesday morning, the week of, I got the message from Andy that I would be joining the VIP group playing The Darkness 2. On Saturday. When I posted a comment on the contest page a couple days prior in order to be put in the "raffle", there wasn't a given day when it would be happening. So not only was I selected for this thing I was semi-confident I wouldn't win ( and technically didn't), it was on the day I wouldn't be able to attend. That, coupled with responses that Saturday was the most hectic and full-of-awesome day to attend, had me uttering various expletives while hitting the interwebs for badges sold at not nearly face value.

Over on craigslist, I eventually found a chap in my neck of the woods selling his badge. We met up and cordially acquainted ourselves. We both noticed the irony in our situation - an unfortunate turn in scheduling made this the first year he wasn't able to attend the convention, while this was my first year ever and I had already fucked up, getting a pass to a demo that I couldn't play. A metaphorical passing of the nerd-baton (as well as tendering) was had, and we wished each other well as we parted ways.

Despite the price, I felt victory was mine, promptly texted Andy and Knutaf saying Saturday was GO, and celebrated afterward with a couple smokes and a wild berry parfait from Wendy's. Side note: those things are actually pretty goddamn good.

Thanks, Ralph

And so, 24 hours later, I was on my way. And wouldn't you know, from the first check-in station, Karma/Fate/Allah/Who/Whatever was already testing me so much that I had to whip out my notepad and start marking down the number of times (three, btw) people stopped me because I dropped stuff while walking and didn't notice. In fact, I took a few notes over the course of the weekend that will probably be quite useful in writing this monster.

I take a lot of notes sometimes.

Anyway. So yeah, airports 'n shit.

I also took a lotta pictures. Most of them were useless, which will be a running theme throughout.

I made a connecting flight in San Jose, which apparently I mistook for the Las Vegas airport everyone thinks so fondly of. Truly, the delicate aroma of human greed and desperation did not fill my nostrils upon arrival, though, I did wait for my flight next to a group of fellows and ladies who were going to make a rap video in Portland, maybe? They seemed to be unsure of whether they were coming or going, which I found amusing.

Like a karate chop to the neck, making it to Seattle and meeting the rest of the cblog crew that night made it hit home that this was more than a short-lived trip full of intentions and video games...

It was actually the start of a weekend full of intentions, and video games, and impulse buys that would linger beyond the weekend, and cool people that are way more interesting than myself. Hopefully, I'll be able to do them all justice, in blog form, in the next few days.

I've been away the past week; attempting to socialize, playing League of Legends, watching movies/television, and running around spending more money on my car than I approve of. And sleeping - lotta that goin on, too. I can't fully wrap my head around being a busy-body, so my response is to hibernate for no good reason. But the plan now is to play catch-up reading blogs, and write the rest of these before week's end. Which also reminds me that I'm contemplating applying for a recapper position. Responsibility for things that affect others helps me stay on top of matters, way better than solitary duties, especially when I don't have anything else going on, which I don't really right now.

It also kinda helps that I feel guilty whenever I'm away from the site for an extended period...

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