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Nihil avatar 7:39 AM on 03.15.2011  (server time)
Nihilisms... with Nihil: Preludes, Demos, and Trials

Okay so, I fucking tried. I really did. Don't look at me like that.


It's not even that I got distracted, or side-tracked. I just wasn't prepared for how much time I wouldn't be able to devote to a quality entry. There's so much to do and yet a huge chunk of almost every day is put toward earning peanuts. I thought I would be able to do it, and I almost did. But it seems I gotta reassess how I write under time constraints. Well, that's my excuse.

And so, new game plan: Weekly entries. That's still trendy, right? That's what the cool kids are doin? One post a week to offset the amount of suck we really could jam down your eye sockets. So here's the deal - I still play video games. Sometimes there are ones I play regularly, and sometimes I play new ones, and sometimes I try replaying old ones. Since this is a gaming blog, I figure you guys will be interested in my impressions of these games (because opinions), as well as my efforts at bettering myself at them, and my experiences playing with others. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the couple other articles I've been working on in the meantime.

So turn up your readin' music and read on, if you dare. Or something. Here's some if you don't have any.

Oh, and the title for these entries is definitely subject to change. Maybe. I dunno, I'm too tired to think of something clever. Perhaps you can help me with that. I smell another contestoid on the horizon....

Or I just need a shower.


I play Brain Challenge on a near-daily basis, because I'm a stupid person who does stupid things, and I need video games to keep me sharp. And boy, does this fuckin game help.

If you haven't played or heard of Brain Challenge before, the premise is simple: If you want to keep track of how dumb you are, then play these brain teasers and you just may find yourself being less dumb. Eventually, you will find yourself hitting an LDA (Less Dumb Apex) which tells you that you are not as dumb as you thought you were, but still pretty goddamn retarded. After that, you can choose to revert back to a useless waste of grey matter, or continue to prove that you can use that mushiness in your skull effectively. I chose the latter.

REAL TALK: Side note - a couple of the mini games are broken and there's no way to answer correctly unless you're a friggin' computer with pin-point accuracy, and even then you may not get it. There's one in the LOGIC section with objects on scales, in which you must answer WHICH IS HEAVIER. I'm sorry, but when a cell phone and some grapes weigh more than cars and ships, you fail at making the game fair. It's one thing to make me feel stupid... It's another to play dirty in order to make me feel stupid.

Also, the Creative Mode games feel super tacked-on, and are just boring and look shitty, save for one that might as well have been a Boom Boom Rocket rip-off - which would've made it better if it were, actually.


I've played the demo for Dragon Age 2, and it was a little bit eerie for me because it gave me the exact same feeling I had when I had first played DA:O. Now obviously there were a few differences, such as the speed of combat and the art design. I'm all for the new look. Well, mostly for. I thought DA:O struck the perfect balance of lighting with its color pallet. The world was fancifully vibrant despite the chaos and gloom and dire circumstances. However, in this one we have a color pallet that pretty much reflects the dark material. The lighting is stark, the colors are muted, the darkspawn are less fanciful. I guess they're going for a grittier feel this time, which is fine by me, but I prefer the feel of Origins. In that game, even though the apocalypse was on the horizon, it never really felt like it, and that's because I was more concerned with sightseeing rather than saving the world. Here it just seems like the environments are totally drab despite the level of detail (or lack thereof). I would be happy to be proven wrong in the full game, though.

As the fight started, a red flag went up as I was instantly reminded of my days with the early Dynasty Warriors games and my heart started sinking. My mind started racing with horrible thoughts. "Oh my fugging balls, did they really just dumb this series down to button mashing? Are they trying to appeal to the God of War/Devil May Cry crowd with the quick, flashy moves? The hell is going on here?!"

But I managed to reel myself in and remember that it was just a demo. So I kept playing and soon realized what they were trying to do, which was... well I don't know besides make the combat faster and more hectic. I could get used to the change, but again, I prefer Origins' methodical pace. Eh, I don't really mind either way, because at the end of the day, what I'm really playing it for is the story and immersion, and this is why I was reminded of my first playthrough with Origins. The presentation of the characters, voice acting and dialogue really bring this shit together. It's like Bioware doesn't know how to suck at this aspect of their games. Familiar faces making me cheer, new faces making me wonder what the future has in store for them... I really wish I had time to just dive into the retail version.


Is it just me, or does Torchlight feel fairly pointless on Xbox? I mean, sure it's neat for those who haven't experienced dungeon crawling like this, but the veteran in me feels like this is an exercise in money-grubbing. There are far more worthless games on XBLA, and don't get me wrong, the trial for Torchlight makes it feel as polished a little console dungeon crawler can be... but 15 bucks for the full game? Are you shitting me? There's no co-op, no DLC, no graphical enhancements. Just a direct port of a PC game, best played on a gorram PC. 800MS I would accept as a decent deal, because for whatever content that's there, there's plenty of it to be had. But when I first caught wind of Torchlight being put on XBLA, I couldn't help but get hyped at the possibility of reliving the Diablo glory days in co-op. But sadly, that's what you'll find is sorely lacking as you grind alone in this generic cash-grab of a port.

You're better off playing Chocobo's Dungeon 2, again.

Well, that does it for... Nihilisms.... Ugh. Yeah, that's just too obvious. And it doesn't roll off the tongue, neither. Anyway, here's some comment posting music and I'll catch y'all later.

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