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"Nihil" is the pseudonym I use for writing and gaming on the internet. I came across Destructoid by searching for information on Way of the Samurai 3. Tubatic had the most comprehensive coverage on it I'd seen anywhere.

For that, and for leading me to this extraordinary community, I thank him.

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10:44 PM on 08.02.2012


So you remember that time when I said I didn't care about the gaming medium in general anymore, and I definitely didn't care enough to keep up with the hot debates or everything new that's coming out?

Welp, my views have changed, kinda. Sorta.


The good news is I still wanna play them and see the medium evolve. The bad news is I still don't have the money to keep up, nor the energy to rage over ever-present shady business tactics.

Though I still feel passionate enough to speak up whenever someone gets their facts wrong, even when it's over super grey matters, such as the most recent art games or women in gaming discussions. Most of it, to me, seems like a back and forth between sides that are already seated in their ethics and principles. When in my mind, while one way may be more practical than another, the model for how media is marketed and presented makes it so that there's enough room for all audiences to be covered, provided the product has a decent financial backing to push it. And you don't have a right to whine when you can bake your own cake and eat it. Well, you DO have that right, but you also have the right to shut your mouth when no one else cares.

Bearing that in mind, despite each side's argument, there are always core facts that seem to be swept under the rug and forgotten when the flames rise again, and I just sit back and marvel at how bored and/or stupid some people must be, to keep saying the same bullshit, over and over again.

Oh, internets.

I get that there are still a shitload of people out there that are new to these arguments and want to throw their cents in the jar, but I really wish there were some go-to website or historical document that, whenever these moot issues pop up again for whatever reason, people who've already been there can point at and go "Just read this and see why you are wrong/misinformed", so that the argument can be nipped in the bud right then and there. No flames, no undue frustration. Just pure, simple, and uncensored education.

Everyone could get along. The only us vs them would be the gaming consumer/community against shithead companies like EA, thinking that we'll just take their annoying money-grubbing practices up the ass like dumb little sheep. If I had the means to experience all of these asshat decisions, I would be screaming just as loud and hard as Jim.

That's why I like Jim. He tells it like it is. He's wise enough at this point to admit his own faults, and by virtue of that, call out the faults of others to set them straight. He screams hard because he cares. He screams loud because, goddamn it, he's right. If he wasn't right, he would have been flamed outta fucking existence a long time ago by the majority.

I, on the other hand, don't really care about being right. It has it's perks, but the bottom line is that I'm way too tired at this point to hold up a banner of righteous indignation. I'm only 27 and I feel dusty as fuck. I can't wait to have to use a walking cane, so that when it comes to disciplining young'ns, I won't have to beat them to get the point across. I'll just fucking stab 'em.

"I don't have time for this shit."
"You crazy old bitch! I'll fuck you up so bad-"
"You're gonna do what-now?"
"Yeah. That's what I thought."

Hey, it builds character. And they'll have an awesome story to tell their friends when they get out of the hospital.

If they live.

Truth is, I've had my time in the limelight. I know how it feels to be the smart guy in the room. But I've grown out of that. My only concern now is fairness. I have no place to tell you what to do with your life or what to think. But if you're wrong, you're wrong. And if nobody else is gonna tell you that you are, then fuck it, I will, if you're even worth the time. That's on an individual basis, though.

As far as shady/retarded business tactics go... I dunno. That's an issue bigger than one person to handle. Because it's not a 1v1 fight. You're talking about an organization of people at that point, and you're gonna need numbers of equal or greater measure to win that fight. But the thing that fucks with me the most is that Gamers, as a thing, is too diverse and divided to contend with a unified, business educated and oriented, holier-than-thou echelon of pricks that want to exploit the fuck out of the lot of us. And they will, at every turn, if they are given ANY leeway.

I mean, if I'm wrong about this issue in particular, please tell me, so I can fuckin stop worrying about it. But if I'm right, it's going to be a long time coming before the guys in the fanciest suits and ties start taking us seriously. All they give a shit about are the numbers. And if they keep on getting them, they'll keep on trying to fuck us.


Alright, I'm gonna go take my medicine and watch Matlock or something.


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