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NightDehumidifier's blog

8:02 AM on 04.01.2008

I know my opinions may seem like trolling, but I feel I'll depart to keep the sanctity of Destructoid...


12:44 AM on 01.01.2008

Happy 2002 Destructoid!

It's been a while but I'm grateful that this new year is finally up and runnin'. Out with the old and in with the new. Lookin' forward to bigger and better things, I'll tell you what.

Games are gonna be sweet in 2002. In a few weeks we'll get the next Smash Bros. game and that will dominate the Gamecube to new heights. I already beat the hell out of Starfox Adventures and talk about a cop out. Andross?! Rare's a great company but when they get Banjo Threeie and Perfect Dark 2 out, it'll be lights out for Sony and Microsoft.

I mean what does M$ have going? Azurik and Blood Wake? More like Blood Wake Me Up From This Snooze Fest! I'm hearing from some guy off of my IRC they'll have an original Unreal game on their system, it won't be nothing like UT2k1. Nothing is.

Also great job Sony with Grand Theft Auto 3, never has killing hookers on my TV never felt more satisfying. If they made more games that focused more of running around and killing and less on boring stuff, I'm all up for that. Just ask me why Final Fantasy X is super gay. Why didn't Square just remake VII and make the fans happy? Ehh, Squaresoft is all about making sequels, they'll probably never remake anything. What about that Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer? Snake is gonna be so awesome in this one, but who's that other guy? He's probably some homo and I would trade my system back to Electronics Boutique if it's some other guy I play as. The game is about Snake, not some other guy.

I'm also hearing how Sega killed off the Dreamcast and how they just stopped doing consoles. Finally, probably the end of Sonic anyway. Whatever happened to just running and no wierd real life stuff? Good luck Sega, you'll need it.

I hate to go off on a tangent but I got this sweet ass thing this Christmas. I swear it's so cool to have and I'm probably the only one in school to have one. They call it an IPod, it's this MP3 player that looks all shiny and stuff. Word of mouth, this thing rules. They kinda break a little easy but I heard they'll make a model that will be lighter and more powerful. Probably take a few years I can imagine. I got my 3 Doors Down CDs on this, just in case the subway ride is too long. I gotta go, happy '02!

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