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Niero Desu avatar 3:46 PM on 12.19.2008  (server time)
Call for entries: Make your quote appear on Destructoid's header

As you've probably noticed we've changed the home page design quite a bit today! I hope you like the changes and find the site faster and easier to use. We also completely redid the "compact" view and console pages so that they're easier to read and skim through -- please give those a look-see. We still have many speed optimizations to do but we're making good progress despite being drunk and hung over from holiday cheer :)

Anyway, let's talk about the quotes thing! One of the most requested features was to bring back the random quotes, which once appeared in the user profiles page. We found a way to make it work and brought it back -- and are looking for new submissions! Here's the format to follow:

Please follow this strict format when submitting your quotes or you'll ruin everything forever and die alone:

"is a playable character in Bomberman Live",
"wants to have you over for sexy times",

* Starts with a quote
* Begins with a verb that refers to Destructoid
* Starts with a lower case letter, you hookers!
* ends with a quote and comma
* is not longer than any of these bullet phrases

Send in as many as you'd like and I'll install them next week. Do each one on its own line please, as many as you'd like in a comment. Please keep them moderately SFW although they're only visible to registered users so we can get away with a little murder :)

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