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3:06 AM on 07.27.2015

Destructoid site design update: Tiny pretty update coming soon

This one is a few days or weeks away, but I'm working with old-school ModernMethod designer RC on tying up the place a bit. The first thing we're doing is fixing those weird gaps on some mobile and desktop resolutions that clip container boxes or text prematurely. Next, we want to eliminate some clutter from the nav bar. It's two small updates but I think they go a long way in classying up the place. I think the site could be so much better (and faster) on older iOS devices and mobile overall so we're taking steps to get there.

In other news we almost have the infinite scroll libraries patched up and our forums also saw a face lift this weekend with better mobile support and improved caching.

Let us know what you think!



12:08 AM on 06.03.2015

Quick CSS lesson: using the !important tag to scale your photos

In most cases you'll want your images to be large and squish down automagically to mobile. 

Unfortunately HTML is not clever enough to determine what to do with which unless you specifically add a CSS class to each image, or you have a bunch of jquery stuff trying to predict what's going on (which melts old computers/phones).  In the past, I suggested that you skirt around this by not putting images in paragraph tags, but some people did that by accident and then their cblogs scrolled sideways in mobile.  That strategy wouldn't do.

Long story short, you can express your exact pixels with CSS.  Just fire up the <> code menu like this:

And specify the height and width followed by the !important tag.  That's a standard tag that says hey, I don't care what your stupid default css does, this is what's up.

The result is:


2:28 PM on 05.07.2015

New cblog feature: You can now use a webcam or social media import photos

How to do it: Start a new blog and look for the button "Pick File" under your photo uploader.  The browser should yell at you for security permissions. Look around the pop-up header area to allow it, close the window, and re-open it. Then you should be good to go.  The largest file you can cross-load is 690k. You'll get a URL that you must copy/paste into your editor and ta-da! instant picture get.

It supports facebook, dropbox, google, and a few others.  here's one from my instagram! when I visited South Korea last month. Do you know this movie? It's called The Host. It's a family drama with a giant monster shoved in the middle.

How this came about: Last week received an email from a new tech company called PickFile. They're an interesting outfit: they've over-engineered every photo import protocol into an easy to drop in javascript tag, and they'd like us to use it on a membership basis. We're going to try it for 30 days and see if people even care.

Do you care? I want to know!  Try importing files under the uploader and let me know if it's useful, as this feature may self-destruct otherwise :)

Happy cblogging!


2:20 PM on 05.05.2015

How to keep the new Cblogs from stretching your images

Our software scales images twice: once up on the upload to optimize the file size, and the other within the HTML to guess the type of screen the person is using.  The first scaling makes your image 620 pixels wide, which is ideal for people on 1000ish desktop displays seeing the right column and 640x on phones like the iPhone plus.

To remove scaling up from 620px in the HTML, just remove your images from paragraphs.  Make them stand alone.  Here are two examples:

I'm an image outside of a paragraph!

 I'm an image inside a paragraph!

Use the <> code button on the far left to wipe out paragraph tags as needed.   

Why we do this: before we used to make a second copy of everything for tiny low-res screens 320x or smaller, and it looks like in 2 years you won't be able to buy a phone that doesn't support 1080p. We're future proofing the community blogs, sorry for the bumpy ride along the way this month but we're getting there!


3:06 AM on 05.04.2015

Testing Blog Replies - A new community blogs feature

New community blogs feature: a reply to the home page editorial! My hope is that this will encourage more angles about the content we cover and save you some time from flipping back and forth to the home page when blogging.  In the future, I aspire to organize all community blogs about a specific game or topic into a sort of newsfeed so that whatever you're interested in deeply has a better place on the site. Please give this a shake and let me know how I can make it better. More community features are yet to come, as promised!


12:16 PM on 04.26.2015

Community Blogs Update: Redesign in progress

As you can see, we're doing quite a bit of work to our community blogs. We didn't plan to break the blogs but our new home page software just kind of ate everything in its path, so now we're going to make the whole site *and I mean every single feature and page* available on all of your devices, instead of trying to support the 3 old gimpy but sturdy versions we had before. 

I'm terribly sorry it's taken more than a week to get this all bug-free, but we're working daily to get there.

Some long-requested features like full-page animated magazine layouts and cloning the body of Andy Dixon are all well underway but before all that we're trying to get the basics right:

Known bugs we're working on right now:

Fapping currently only works at the bottom of the actual article

Cblog Manage all post screen is missing CSS

User header photos and backgrounds are not embedding (they'll be back)

Downvoting doesn't work. Downvoting?

The tagging cblogs (podcasts etc) isn't available (it will be back in a more open-ended way)

No way to sort cblogs right now or view them by tag

RSS Feeds are down



12:02 PM on 04.21.2015

Egypt was troubled by the horrible asp

yeah yeah yeah yeah


12:12 PM on 01.15.2014

How I got my mom to game: Adventure Inlay

My dad's a gamer. He's just naturally into them. We bought Mike Tyson's Punch out back in 1988 and I soon learned that I could not stand next to him while he was playing or I'd get a right hook to the face, years before Wiitards made this normal.

My mom on the other hand- not so much. 

I tried the usual suspects: the cute animals, the puzzle games, the brain games, the digital board game adaptations. Everything. Ipads. Facebook farms abandoned. No ropes were being cut. Birds would not fight pigs with anger. Nothing worked. Even when I'd instigate Sunday afternoons with Wii Sports nobody would ever pick it up on their own. Meanwhile, my dad freaking beat Mario Galaxy. He's 63 years old, people. The disparity was killing me.

One day I came across a tacky stupid-looking jigsaw puzzle game in the bargain bin casual games isle  and BOOM -- gotcha!  This game is Adventure Inlay by Gamehouse Games, a title we would never cover on Dtoid. Ever. The game is crap. It has two stars on Amazon and goes for five bucks. There's also Magic Inlay and a billion other variants I'm sure.  Some kid probably wrote this game in middle school.

Somehow, this was the one she liked and played for months straight. I can't explain it.

Adventure Inlay works like this: a stream of puzzle shapes scrolls in at the bottom that must be picked up and rotated into the board above. There are various editions of this game, including a "safari" edition where you drop pieces into animal shapes or weird shapes around them.  The "inlay" games have been cloned by other devs for Android as well, and they look even worse but appear to have higher review scores. Maybe they're more fun with a touch interface. 

What the hell is happening in the picture above?  It looks like some spiked dungeon you must build around the monkey.  Don't think too hard about it. 

You can blow through 50 levels of this game in an hour, and that's probably what makes it addictive: The game is so easy and almost challenging that novice players will get sucked into it.  Eventually this craptacular casual game was the gateway to things like Bejeweled and "Find the Hidden Object" type games.  

As our parents get older they end up on the sofa more often, and I'm obviously one who believes that videogames have a positive effect on the brain.  Just wanted to share this embarrassing game recommendation for anyone who is trying to get their senior parents into something a little more interactive.   read

6:43 PM on 08.13.2013

Meanwhile at Dtoid HQ: New videos coming your way

You want more video? We're doing more video! Here is just a sneak peek of some of the experiments going on in the lab at Dtoid HQ. We're experimenting with different ways we can cover the news and have a little more fun with the site, and hope to show you more at our panel at PAX. Pictured below are Steven and Spencer with Kenny and Phil running the mixers and camera behind the scenes. Also off camera are Conrad, Jordan, Sterling, Foom, Dale, Carter, and Hamza. 

Are you in San Francisco? Do you want to appear on camera? We may have an upcoming opportunity for a live audience participation show. Get in touch!

Until then, what do you watch on Youtube? I don't know that we can top Hot Pepper Gaming, but we're going to try.


6:09 PM on 05.03.2013

Rip off your dicks: There's a new Community Blogs editing tool

Earlier this week a community member asked why we didn't have a visual editor option. Its 2013, we really should have one. So I dropped what I was doing and installed one.

If you prefer slinging your own BBcode you can still work like you used to: simply click the last icon (looks like a white sheet of paper) and the buttons will display the code.

The new editor lets you view images and youtube videos right in the article as you post them, so you have more accurate idea of what your story is going to look like when you're done posting.  It also has a Full Screen mode option that hides everything on the page, which is lovely. The thing to get used to is having to hit the Image and Youtube buttons when inserting assets.

So, I show this update to Hamza and his reaction was: "People are going to rip off their dicks!!".  I love working with this guy.  Photos and videos unrelated, just testing to make sure they work.  There's also a new hideous libraries of smileys that I'm trying to figure out how to disable.


8:16 PM on 04.30.2013

When you see it you'll fap bricks

In pursuit of the upvote button suggestions thread and most popular comments, I've redesigned the faps button to be a heart. I've also added an easter egg that appears one in 169 times when the number 16 is selected at random.

There's a similar easter egg in the Dafoe theme but it has a 1:10069 chance of appearing, and its possibly the creepiest thing on the site ever. Dtoider that finds it first wins a mystery swag box from me ;) Sorry, staff is not eligible!   read

8:41 PM on 04.23.2013

Suggestions for the new Upvote button label?

Update 2: The people have spoken and I have made it so.

Update 1: Until we come up with something cool I just removed the word like altogether. There's a little thumb icon in its place. We'll come back to this later, until then I owe you a dark theme.

PS. Sorry for the late update, I was editing Hamza's pizza video :)


If you've been following the community blogs, comments, forums, etc regarding the new site design you'll find two primary complaints: (1) its too damn bright (a dark theme is coming asap) and (2) nobody likes the "like" button. Due to recent events in the tech community I thought it would be best to re-work the button to be more inclusive of female readers that may otherwise find the joke misogynistic.

What should the upvote say instead of Like? How about Bump?   read

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