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Nicky Austin's blog

2:27 PM on 07.13.2012

One Obsessed Boy's Impressions of Mother 2/Earthbound

After Mother's awesomely heartfelt conclusion, I wrote my article on my impressions on the game and dove headfirst into Mother 2 (or Earthbound as others know it). Earthbound had always eluded me and taunted me. I absolu...   read

12:33 AM on 07.10.2012

Next-Gen: A Generation of Choice

The next generation is almost here, folks. A new generation of a "war" between companies with tech to show off, and games to play on them, A new generation of fanboys singing the same praises about their favorite video game...   read

3:07 PM on 07.04.2012

The Idea of "Videogame Hipster" and the People that Keep Feeding It.

Today, that lovable hunk of a man, Jonathan Holmes raised the question of "Videogame Hipsters", This is my overly drawn out response. On many occasion, I have been called a hipster on the subject of both music and video ga...   read

1:55 AM on 07.03.2012

One Curious Boy's Impressions of Mother

All my life, I've been an avid fan of Nintendo. Ever since owning a Nintendo 64 as a kid, I've always loved the worlds Nintendo let me take an adventure with. Whether it be in space with Fox, in Hyrule with Link, in the Mus...   read

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