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Nick Valdez avatar 3:48 PM on 11.09.2012  (server time)
I wanted to do an introduction too you guies.

Hey everyone, I've been a semi-longtime reader (since about 09-10, whatever), but I've never really commented or involved myself with the community in any notable capacity. And that my friends (are we friends? I sure hope so), is just plain wrong. All of you are great and I internet love the lot of you. I think I commented once or something, and wrote a single blog a bit ago, but that's because I'm not entirely confident in my vidjagamez writing.

What I do know, very well I might add, is movies. I'm an Editor over at Flixist where I get to write about "chick flicks." I've been there officially since July (but lurked in that community for well longer), and at one point had erotic fanfiction written about me. I have to admit, it is pretty boss for realsies.

I'm in my final semester of collegio and getting my Bachelor's degree in English and Communications in December. As that part of my life comes to end, I feel like I'm stuck in an airport terminal like Tom Hanks was in that one movie. While I'm trying to figure all of that out, I want to try my hand at other writing topics. I've loved the videojuegos for the better part of my life, so I figured it was time to try and articulate my thoughts toward them.

So for starters, here's a bit about me and my gaming history (and a picture of a Surfing Pikachu I found):

-Until a few years ago, I've always been a system generation behind due to having to pawn, and then re-pawn, my games for food money. My game preferences might lean toward Nintendo because of this. A Game Boy (and then eventually Color because of the colors) and Super Nintendo got me through ten years of gaming.

-My favorite game is Pokemon Gold.

-I've only played a handful games all the way through due to losing them, losing time, or losing interest (this includes games like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Final Fantasy X)

-I work three jobs (not including Flixist), so I am utterly dependent on handheld gaming.

-I'm listening to Aqua's "Barbie Girl" as I write this.

-I only buy games I know I'll play for a long time because they're soooo damn expensive now. But I can't stop buying them because I love 'em.

-I totally use a lot of 90's Valley Girl slang.

-Gummi Bears are totes money.

-I once pooped myself on a bus. Used to be embarassed about it until I said it on a Flixist Show once. So now it's an icebreaker in business meetings (not really).

Now that I have more monies and a comfortable life, I can explore the greater world of gaming. When I blog in the future, I'm thinking I'll discuss "classic" games that I should have played but never have before (much like Flixist's Losing My Virginity series). If not, maybe I'll write about Pokemon (because if anything is cool it's Pokemon). I just wanted to be involved in this community more. You're all sooooo great. I'm always stuck reading the hilarious comments, the c-blogs are better and more involving than ever, and the Dtoid community looks like it's a very warm and welcoming place.

More reason than ever to jump in head first.

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