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I'm just a man, looking for his own space to carve out his dreams.

AKA I just want to design my own game from top to bottom.

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My dad loves to play video games. 

He bought his first PC in March of 1985, a big hunk of American plastic called the Tandy 1000, complete with 512KB of RAM and two 5-1/2" floppy drives and a Dot Matrix printer  (that means the printer head put ink on the page by striking the paper over and over, creating dots). He used it mainly for the spreadsheet and text programs; up until a company called Sierra released a gem known as King's Quest, and he loved his PC even more.

Look at that hulking powerhouse.

He would go to also buy Pinball and the IBM port of Gauntlet; games which happen to still be my favorite genres till today. He got so interested in learning how these games work (he loved to tinker with everything) he picked up guides and magazines on "How To Write in BASIC" and built several of his own simple games like Snake and Match Cards.

Salt! Good God where's my salt!

Eventually, the old Tandy just couldn't cut it anymore. Programs started needing "Hard Drives" to work and diskettes were quickly replacing the old floppy stand bys. So in '93 he bought a brand spankin' new Pentium I, and that's when we found the greatest master piece in gaming at that point in time.

Crysis says: Hi Grandpa!

While King's Quest and Pinball were fun to my little 7 year old brain, Wolf3D replicated what it would be like to BE that gun wielding bad ass in those movies my dad would let me watch when mom went to bed. Really, opening Wolf 3D for the first time was the second I became a gamer. iD and Apogee would release bigger and better version of these new types of games: Blake Stone, Doom, Shadow Warrior, and the king of video game one liners, Duke Nukem.

My dad gradually stopped playing computer games because of eye sight issues and preferred playing his NES on the big 32" screen. Every time Nintendo announced a new game console, me and my brother knew exactly what was in that big box sitting under the tree at Christmas that had the From: Mom, To: Everyone Else tag.

He still doesn't know how that magical gun worked, or why the N64 rumble pack needed 2 AA batteries.

edit: Shout out to the first ever RPG I played: Wizardry 6 - Bane of the Cosmic Forge. Thanks buddy for getting me into slaying giant rats!

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