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Nick Chester avatar 10:54 AM on 02.28.2009  (server time)
System link idiocy

Look, I respect the idea of LAN parties, so don't get me wrong. But thank god for the Internet. The picture above is the ridiculous nonsense my wife and I rigged up so we could play Resident Evil 5 cooperatively on two screens. For whatever reason, the review build doesn't support Xbox LIVE, so we had to drag a second TV and a second debug 360 into one freakin' room. This is what I get for working from home, I guess.

The results, of course, have been glorious -- it's Resident Evil 5 co-op; the echoing of Chris and Sheva's dialogue has not been glorious, however. So should we add a pair of headphones to the mix or what?

To those of you who won the Silent Hill CDs in the contest I held in my cblog back in 1957, your stuff is on the way. Keep an eye out for it this week and shoot me an email when you get it. Sorry for the delay.

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