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Nick Chester avatar 9:28 AM on 04.13.2011  (server time)
Questions regarding Bethesda titles Prey 2, Hunted, or Brink?

I'm in Utah this week, learning that being high up in the mountains means that I feel like I've run a marathon if I walk across the street. Pretty neat!

I'm here for Bethesda's BFG 2011 event, where we're being shown Prey 2, Skyrim, Rage, Hunted, and played Brink.

I can't answer any questions about gameplay or game details right now, but I'm wondering if you have questions about the following games FOR THE DEVELOPERS:

Prey 2

They don't have to be related to gameplay -- they can be broad industry questions as they relate to the titles or development, too. I know that since you don't know much about Prey 2 yet, it may be hard to come up with something. Keep in mind that I've seen the game, and a lot of the questions you do have were probably already answered in the demo.

Just wanted to make sure that if you had a question, your voice was/could be heard. These interviews are happening later this afternoon, so get me your questions (as comments here) as soon as you can (if you have any). I'll have previews and details that I can share next Monday on all of the games I'm seeing here. (Yes, I'm about to see Skyrim; yes, I can't wait.)

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