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Nick Chester avatar 8:06 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you didn't know about Nick Chester1

1. I met my wife at a karaoke prom (I was voted prom king!). We were both drunk, and she approached me. I hardly remembered it the next day.

2. I play games other than Rock Band.

3. I have three cats that I obsessively spoil and treat like humans -- they are: Atari (female), Ico (female) and Blinx the Time Sweeper (male).

4. Before doing Destructoid editor-in-chiefing duties full time, I used to sell mattress for not one, but two separate companies. I was a manager for a Select Comfort store in a mall, and then moved on to being a sales person for Sleepy's. Both were terrible, terrible jobs, but they allowed me to also focus on writing for Destructoid (and traveling). My wife is very patient.

5. When I was in college, I took a crap in our dorm's elevators. I'm sorry about that.

6. I enjoy shopping for clothes. A lot. Like a girl, or one of the Jonas Brothers.

7. I had long hair in high school, and looked like a total douche.

8. I grew up in Great Neck, Long Island in New York. There were two schools -- North and South -- and North was voted (by a very important magazine that I can't remember) to be the high school most like the film Clueless. I went to South, and happened to go to school with the designer of Word Jong, Scott Balaban. No, I didn't know him, and I don't remember him; we both found out when I did a phone interview with him last November. What the fuck, right?

9. My wife and I sleep with a stuffed animal, a bunny named BooBoo. If you're perceptive, there's even a picture of him in a header for a Destructoid article I wrote ...

10. I hate pickles and olives.

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