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Nick R P Green's blog

11:42 AM on 02.02.2016

Nick's Top 3 Anticipated Games of 2016

So we’ve looked at my top 3 games of 2015, and that really shit one at the end, but today let us look forward to the coming year and what delights 2016 has in store for us in the form of electronic entertainment. This is ...   read

7:43 AM on 01.20.2016

Nick R P Green's Top 3 League of Legends Updates of 2015

Good day internet community! I’m Nick R P Green and this is the second blog of my Gaming’s Highs and Lows of 2015. This time, let’s look at my favourite updates from my favourite video game: League of Legends! ...   read

6:38 PM on 01.04.2016

Nick's Top 3 Games of 2015

Hello and a Happy New Year to all. I’m Nick R P Green, and let’s start the year by looking back over the last 12 months, yes it’s time for my best game of the year. As you may have seen before, what follows is the ...   read

11:50 AM on 12.15.2015

Let's Talk About: Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Let's Talk About: Paladins: Champions of the Realm + BETA Code Give Away - NickRPGreen's YouTube Channel The above link will take you to the video version of this article, below is the original script for said video, if you'...   read

5:53 AM on 12.04.2015

Presents: You Never Know What You Might Get

Image source: A very merry Christmas to you all! Phew, I feel glad I can actually say that now that it's December. Take it from someone who work...   read

8:05 PM on 11.11.2015

Always wanted to try streaming. So what should I play? (In depth questions ho!)

I've dabbled in YouTube and Twitch for a few years now. Nothing ever major, just bits and pieces here and there. I've tried streaming just games and I've tried streaming a speed run but I've never really gotten into it proper...   read

7:32 AM on 07.03.2015

Jim Sterling vs. Digital Homicide Interview: Link + Some After Thoughts

So today, Jim Sterling has posted a podcast of an interview he participated in between himself and Digital Homicide, the developer most famously known for the game The Slaughtering Grounds. If you've been following the saga ...   read

4:25 PM on 11.27.2013

League of Legends 3.14 Hotfix Not Working as it should (video attached)

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]For all you League of Legends fans out there, a quick PSA about the latest hotfix for patch 3.14. It hasn't worked![/font] [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]In the abov...   read

8:05 AM on 06.25.2013

Top 5/Worst 5 League of Legends Ultimates, My Own Response [Warning, video post]

Ok, first of all, this video is long. It's 40 minutes of me doing some washing up whilst talking about another one of my videos. If you don't want that, then leave now, cause this post has nothing more for you. On the other...   read

7:59 AM on 02.16.2013

Thoughts Whilst Doing The Washing Up - [WARNING: Video Post]

Next episode of Thoughts Whilst Doing the Washing Up. In this week's episode I talk a little bit about the things that are going on with me right now, including what the Lancaster University Gaming Society is up to today, a...   read

3:56 AM on 01.25.2013

Thoughts Whilst Doing The Washing Up - [WARNING: Video Post]

Told I was back didn't I. So here's another attempt at a hopeful regular video series entitled "Thoughts Whilst Washing Up". Whilst I need to make and upload new video content, I also need to get the washing up done, so why...   read

6:27 AM on 01.21.2013

NickRPGreen is back baby, where did the last 5 months go? [Warning: Video Blog]

Hi Destructoid! Don't know if anyone will remember me, but a while back (five months since my last post), I started promoting my YouTube blogs through Destructoid. I had a couple of Sonic ones, a couple of League of Legends...   read

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