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8:35 AM on 05.09.2008

Feedback : Bucking the sequel trend?

Personal opinion, there are way too many damn Tomb Raiders. Thats despite how much I love jiggly cgi titties.

Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk, John Madden, Quake, Call of Duty, Gran Turismo...

That list could go on for miles. Games, much like movies, have been driven by a steady stream of sequels for years. It seems if you hit gold just once with a game, its a right to milk the shit out of it till all ends.

However, there's a limit to such. At some point the formula becomes stale, the rhetoric gets refreshed, and that name brand gets yawned at. Like John Madden Football. How much innovation can you really make other than a roster update?

And I don't think sports games get the past. Even shooter franchises like Unreal Tournament I think overstay there welcome with decades of rehash graphics and somewhat new maps.

But, the flip side to this is how much joy we get when something new truly comes out. Take Bioshock. While with a spiritual tie to SystemShock, its clear that the fresh take, atmosphere and styling of the game came as a wonderful treat for gamers. Now, while there's still plenty of room to advance that story, do we want it to never end? Bioshock 5 anybody? Or would we prefer maybe a renovation at some point in a develop meant cycle? That of course, is an example best suited for a long overdue franchise and not something as new as Bioshock.

What do you think? Sequels need to be cut down on? Or are we happy with Halo 7 : The Return of the Covenant.   read

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