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As a media & technology analyst I've tried to look at games as more than just entertainment devices. To get to the root, one could say, of how video games and the modern media surrounding them effects who we are, how we feel, and our future.

Sadly, that is a waste of time. But come on! We've got nothing better to do on this rotating ball of dirt.

I'm Nick. I'm not shy about what I think. And I'd like to spill it here. I'll try to give you some interesting guts and insight into the industry, and surrounding media. No promises tho, sometimes the pond is too shallow.

I've been gaming sense I was knee-high to a magazine rack reaching for EGM. I grew up games. Where the generation before me might have honored brands like MTV and bands like Flock of Seagulls I worship Gods named Xbox, Playstation, and We Might Be Giants. It's left me... a little fucked up to be honest. But it is who I am, and who we are.

So. Pull up a chair. Check your batteries. Oh. And pass the caffeine supplement drink of choice.
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8:35 AM on 05.09.2008
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