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NicholasJamesEvans avatar 2:05 AM on 06.07.2014  (server time)
Civilization: Beyond Earth, Among Other Things

Turn based 4x video games, you gotta love them. And if you claim that you actually don't love them, then you obviously haven't played any good ones! Or perhaps you don't like 4x video games because they simply do not make you happy, in which case I say kuddo's to you for figuring out the purpose of life, happiness. But hey that is enough philosophy! Let's get to the games.

Firaxis games recently announced Civilization: Beyond Earth for the fourth quarter of 2014. Many fans are filled with excitement and anticipation because not only is Firaxis working on a new soon-to-launch game, but they are also taking on the future of mankind, again.

That's right, Civilization: Beyond Earth is being called the spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri. For those of you who don't know what Alpha Centauri is, let wikipedia tell you: 
"Set in the 22nd century, the game begins as seven competing ideological factions land on the planet Chiron in the Alpha Centauri star system. As the game progresses, Planet's growing sentience becomes a formidable obstacle to the human colonists."

If wikipedia didn't sell the idea to you then I will. Alpha Centauri is a civilization building game in fucking space. Here are some screens for you since you are too lazy to google them yourself! 
This would literally look fly on a jewel case! You know why? Cause space ships, those things can fly. Or do they float?  

No the man third from the right in this blurry god-forsaken picture is not Morgan Freeman. Though Freeman's voice does echo throughout all of space for all of his true believers to hear. (After further research I discovered that the characters name is actually Morgan.)

Nothing says the future of mankind quite like 1999 graphics.

Speaking of the future, let's fast forward 11 years and look at Civilization V. Firaxis made a list of changes to the Civ series with the creation of Civ V, that list can be found here. One example of such changes is that they traded out the square tiles for hexes. As an author on digital trends pointed out, "Petty as it seems, the move to hexagonal tiles represents a major shift in the world of turn-based strategy games. A lesson in geek geometry: Square tiles have typically been viewed as inferior because the distance from the center of one tile to the next is not constant (moving diagonally moves you further than moving side to side), while a move in any direction from a hexagonal tiles is equidistant." 

[font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][img=560x420][/img]

[font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Here is a picture of Civilization V in all of its eye-candy glory.[/font]

Now let's look at Civilization: Beyond Earth, but at the same time let's look at Pandora: First Contact. Both games are 4x video games, the former is gaining traction and many are anticipated for its release while the latter has already been released since December of 2013 yet it remains quite obscure. (It doesn't have a wikipedia page nor any reviews on steam.)

Let's compare screens of the two games:
Former: Pandora Latter: Civilization 


Former: Civilization Latter: Pandora

The games are hella simulator, but there is nothing wrong with that fact. Both games belong in the same genre, they are both science fiction, and both development teams discovered the wonders of hexes! 

Will you check out Pandora: First Contact? Maybe it can suffice for your sci-fi 4x gaming needs until later this year. Are you excited for Civilization: Beyond Earth?

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