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Nicholas West's blog

8:36 PM on 02.16.2013

The Magical World of Difference

If only System Shock 2 looked liked that, right? In the last few days, I've spent a lot of time with two games, System Shock 2 and Dead Space 3. The former recently came out on Good Old Games, and I highly recommend it- t...   read

6:46 PM on 03.16.2011

Living Vicariously: Krow's Trip to PAX East

-Note: Picture Heavy- I'm a man of integrity. If I am given a mission, job, or quest, I do what I can to complete the objective. My mission as of PAX East 2011 was to adopt Krow's delicious avatar. Here's how it all went ...   read

5:21 PM on 03.09.2011

Deadly Cosplay, Zach!

This is my first, and possibly last, attempt at Cosplay. This is Deadly Premonitionís Francis York Morgan. I did a lot of research on other cosplayers, what they wore, and how prominent their scar was. What I ...   read

12:30 PM on 12.31.2010

New Years Eve: My Love and Thanks to Dtoid

This morning, I received a knock at the door, and this appeared: I asked it what it was doing here, when it cracked open and revealed it's chewy caramel center: It's been a while, but when Destructoid was doing their...   read

3:59 PM on 08.27.2010

Bella Sera: Fear and Loathing in the Magical World of Horses

I've been having nightmares lately. Terrible dreams, unforgettable dreams. Dreams where I've had to plant berry trees in order to use the berries to dye my lovely Capri's, and matching sweater. Flying horses offer me freed...   read

5:39 PM on 08.20.2010

A Blog For Ron (NVGR)

In honor of Lv99Ron, I've decided to write a blog about my own near death experience. It wasn't nearly as painful or tragic, and not nearly as happy, but I figure why not share, and empathize? My Hand Was Numb by SoBS My ...   read

10:30 PM on 01.18.2010

Sands of Degradation

Indeed, Sands Of Destruction, the brand new game for your DS, is one heck of a game. But, like most games, it has it's faults. I'm simply here to discuss some of them, as I've been with them for the last 10 hours. The Cas...   read

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