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Hi all, introductry post. (Side blog edition)

I'm Nic128, 25 years old, gamer since 1991. Started with a SNES and worked my way through the generations. I got a NES after my SNES though, well, whatever.

I discovered this community a few years ago. I then realized, damn, there are civilized people that love and talk about video games. Awesome.

Here's what I currently own (Systems : History of purchases) :
- Gamecube
- PS2
- DS Lite
- PSP 2000
- Wii
- PS3
- Snes
- N64
- 3DS

Yes, I bought a Snes and N64 after my PS3. You know, nostalgia.

Games I love/loved the most :
1. Zelda : Ocarina of Time
2. Zelda : Twilight Princess
3. Tales of Symphonia
4. Golden Sun (1 and 2)
5. Zelda : Wind Waker
6. God of war
7. Tales of Vesperia
8. Resident Evil 3
9. Zelda : Majora's Mask
10. Banjo-Kazooie

I suck at anything FPS, RTS, MMO. Unless I'm playing with friends, I don't play competitive games. I get angry when I lose against better players.

Besides games, I love Fullmetal Alchemist, Table tennis...

And that's it.
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3:57 PM on 06.02.2010

Boredom. Being somewhat of a loner, I get plenty of it. My usual entertainment consists of playing games. Pretty simple right? I escape my boredom, be it single player or with friends. It has always worked before and surely will continue like that. Or so I thought.

Change of situation, change of pace. It seems like I need to escape games for the time being. I can't find enjoyment in sitting alone and lose myself in a virtual world. It's not like I don't have any games to play. On the contrary, I have a backlog full of great games. 3D dot game heroes, Pokemo-n, Pers-on-a 4, Z-e-l--d---a... I can't manage more than thirty minutes of playtime without feeling bored, even if the games are amazing. Not even Left 4 Dead with friends can keep me entertained right now. Why?

I just moved in temporarly with a friend of mine. I'm getting a new appartment next month and he gladly welcomed me in for the time being. He is not a gamer. I showed him a lot of games, and he is not into it. Fine with me. I often sit in front of my tv, trying to spark my interest back into it. My friend comes along : "I'm going to the beach today, wanna come?" THANK GOD! Of course.

I've been going more outside recently. I'm learning a lot about the outside world. I get sun burns within thirty minutes and I yell : "LOOK! A SQUIRREL! COOL!" everytime I see one. :3

I'm having a good time. Just a simple walking down the street pleases me. I get those phases two, three times a year. It's simple really. As a gamer... no. As an individual, I need to balance my hobby with other activities. I already play one sport, table tennis. Regular meetings with my friends are what I ultimately need in my routine. That's a bit hard to do. I moved to Montreal two years ago, leaving all my friends back up north. Since then, I made one new friend, the guy who's helping me right now. I can't thank him enough for it.

I know I'll get back into gaming soon enough. I'm still reading Dtoid everyday, and still adding games to my collection. Nothing to worry about, guys.

Thanks for reading.

PS : I would also love to play some games with you, Dtoiders. I never have any FNF games, though. XD

[Reverse Monthly Musing? Does it still count?]

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