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Nic128 avatar 10:34 PM on 07.13.2010  (server time)
My setup : let me show you them.

I've seen so many great setups, I thought I'd share mine. I finally moved in a place that's not basically a room and a bathroom. Moving up feels good, man. I can also set up a good gaming haven. Let me show you my living room.

Looks cozy, with a fake fireplace. A map of Hyrule to the right, a poster of Link's lineage to the left, it looks great.

Here's a closup of that Link poster. It's from a set you can get on Club Nintendo. I put the other two in my bedroom. Underneath, my PC, just powerful enough to play last gen games. When I feel like dropping a shit tons of cash, I'll upgrade. Not gonna happen this year. The move cost a lot.

My couch, ready for hours of digital entertainment. Then, when you turn around, you get :

It turned out great. Craiglist did wonders for that shelf and tv unit. A 100$ for both, you can't ask for better. 26 inch tv, it's big enough for me. At the bottom, the three current consoles, with controllers all over the place. At the top, my gamecube and ps2. I still have Persona 4 to finish.

Close up of the bottom. And here's a bunch of photos of the collection :

Not much wii titles. Even if Mario Galaxy 2 is fantastic, money went into moving. Maybe toward the holiday. I goozexed Darksiders to get Dead Space, Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect. Nice bonus I'd say.

The only game I'm playing these days is 3D dot Game Heroes. Fantastic as it is hilarious.

That Goomba is soooo cute. :3 I bought it for 5$. It took a month to ship. When it came in the mail, it was still smelling like glue. :D

For some reason, the only N64 box that's still alive is the first one I got, OOT.

Half my psp titles are imports : Dj Max Portable 2, Black Square, Clazziquai, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Eternia. I like my Dragon Quest on my DS.

Yes, that's right. Nintendo Monopoly. You don't buy properties, you buy characters. ^^

And blurry pictures of last gen's collection.

My honorable mentions : Atelier Iris 1, 2, 3 and P4.

My honorable mentions : The whole Resident Evil Collection on the gamecube.

This setup made a week's worth of moving really pay out. I can actually welcome people in now and not be ashamed. The appartment itself is pretty good too. That's about it.

Thanks for dropping by. You get pancakes.

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