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Nic128 avatar 9:42 PM on 12.14.2010  (server time)
Happy Holidays: Deals

What a great year we had. I witnessed some warm moments here on Dtoid : Anthony Burch's proposal, The Dtoid show... We can also agree that a plethora of great games were released across all platforms. With so much to play, who has the money to buy them all? For me, this normally puts obscure titles at the bottom of the list. When the holidays approach though, we get blessed with low prices. I don't know about you, but the Black Friday deals on Amazon and Steam killed me. I found myself stocking up on games and even buying games I wouldn't even consider before. The great thing is : I sometimes discover new gems, and then cringe at the idea that I didn't play them before.

I used to write off first person shooters as boring, simply because I sucked at them. My experience was limited to competitive multiplayer fps, which I had no patience to learn how to play. I ignored Left 4 Dead as soon as came out for the sole reason that it was a fps. My friends were playing and trying to get me into it. I refused many times. I was stubborn. I was young. I was a fool. My friends caught wind of a Steam deal and directed me to it. A disturbingly small price was tagged on the game. I raised an eyebrow. At this price, I was finally willing to give in. The damn game got purchased.

I then booted up Left 4 Dead, joined a game with a friend... Wait, this is fun, this is really fun, this is AMAZING!! *Head explodes* Even though I was a friendly firing, witch startling terrible player, the game was a total blast. There were good fps games out there after all. Of course I then bought Left 4 Dead 2 day one. There is no better satisfaction then meleeing a tank with three other friends. Blood fills the screen, creating a feeling of bliss. From here on then, having installed Steam, I would be on the lookout for deals, which came every week or so.

This year, an interesting game got itself on Steam. It went by the name of VVVVVV. I remembered reading a certain review about this. It was praised by Revenrend Burch, earning a perfect score. Even better, only five bucks were required. Meh, why not. I wasn't going to be disappointed for 5$. The following event occured while playing : OH MY GOD VVVVVV IS SO GOOD!! HAVE YOU HEARD THE SOUNDTRACK?!! IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Sure it was frustrating as hell sometimes, but it was so magical. I have no other words to describe it. It takes a curious mind, a willingness to try new things, and a motivation to do so. Sure, VVVVVV was a given for me. But for someone who doesn't like a certain genre, how can you convince him to try your game? A stupidly low price might help. Who bought the many Steam indie packs on Black Friday? I did. I was interested in AudioSurf and ended up playing more Rhythm Zone. I had no idea it existed before. Who got tempted by Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom once the price went down on Amazon?

Of course, there is so much goodness out there. Don't blow your hard earned money on those deals all at once, and enjoy them. I wish you all a happy holiday.

P.S: The indie packs were the most disgustingly amazing deals, ever. Also maybe the Humble Indie Bundles. It makes a nice gift. :)

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