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Nic128's blog

7:37 AM on 11.17.2011

Zelda week: Nitpicking at Majora's Mask

Before the release of Skyward Sword, I went ahead and played through part of Majora's Mask once again. I must have played through it at least thirty times and I want to talk about the multiple sidequests that populate this wo...   read

1:25 PM on 07.07.2011

Sit straight, son.

I am by no means a back expert. This is just my personal experience with this issue. I'm sure your mom used to see you in front of the tv and kept telling you to sit straight. The truth is, getting comfortable while playin...   read

11:06 PM on 04.07.2011

A minute with Nic - #1

[Reading a recent musing made me want to write this update. Since I never have enough substance to make a whole blog, why not slap a couple of subjects together?] Oh hai there. Hi, fellow dtoiders, have a seat while we spe...   read

9:42 PM on 12.14.2010

Happy Holidays: Deals

What a great year we had. I witnessed some warm moments here on Dtoid : Anthony Burch's proposal, The Dtoid show... We can also agree that a plethora of great games were released across all platforms. With so much to play, w...   read

10:34 PM on 07.13.2010

My setup : let me show you them.

I've seen so many great setups, I thought I'd share mine. I finally moved in a place that's not basically a room and a bathroom. Moving up feels good, man. I can also set up a good gaming haven. Let me show you my living room...   read

3:57 PM on 06.02.2010

The Great Escape: Outside

Boredom. Being somewhat of a loner, I get plenty of it. My usual entertainment consists of playing games. Pretty simple right? I escape my boredom, be it single player or with friends. It has always worked before and surely w...   read

3:41 PM on 04.28.2010

A "Tales of" fan retrospective

Ahh, the Tales series. I remember the journeys, the excitements, the various platforms it made me buy. A tales games on a console I don't have is not conceivable. I will buy the console for this game alone. It all goes bac...   read

2:55 PM on 01.05.2010

A holiday experiment

Hi, fellow readers. Happy new year to you all. I came back from a two weeks vacation away from the interwebz. I went to spend the holidays with my family in the middle of nowhere, no computers, no internet. I gotta tell you, ...   read

3:22 PM on 12.04.2009

Take care of your controllers.

Something that always bothered me throughout the years, is how some of my friends destroyed their controllers overtime. I would go to a friend's house, we'd sat down to play some games, take the second controller : "Wait, t...   read

3:04 PM on 10.10.2009

RIP Gamecube memories

The wii comes out, I eventually buy one and ditch my gamecube. I can play me games on me wii anyway, right? The only gamecube games I had been playing were zelda titles, worked fine. Today, I was in the mood to play some R...   read

7:14 PM on 08.28.2009

Mana Khemia 2 impressions

I loved the first Mana Khemia, and I played the psp version................ yeah. Even with all the technical bugs and game crash, I enjoyed it a lot. So, I was pretty excited to play the second one, this time on PS2. It i...   read

10:15 PM on 08.13.2009

The sun will shine again very soon.

Golden Sun The RPG that made me fall in love with RPGs. I got through both games 6 times, and I plan to do it again soon. With the announcement of Golden sun DS, I want to look back, as a fan, at what made me love this g...   read

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