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Hi all, introductry post. (Side blog edition)

I'm Nic128, 25 years old, gamer since 1991. Started with a SNES and worked my way through the generations. I got a NES after my SNES though, well, whatever.

I discovered this community a few years ago. I then realized, damn, there are civilized people that love and talk about video games. Awesome.

Here's what I currently own (Systems : History of purchases) :
- Gamecube
- PS2
- DS Lite
- PSP 2000
- Wii
- PS3
- Snes
- N64
- 3DS

Yes, I bought a Snes and N64 after my PS3. You know, nostalgia.

Games I love/loved the most :
1. Zelda : Ocarina of Time
2. Zelda : Twilight Princess
3. Tales of Symphonia
4. Golden Sun (1 and 2)
5. Zelda : Wind Waker
6. God of war
7. Tales of Vesperia
8. Resident Evil 3
9. Zelda : Majora's Mask
10. Banjo-Kazooie

I suck at anything FPS, RTS, MMO. Unless I'm playing with friends, I don't play competitive games. I get angry when I lose against better players.

Besides games, I love Fullmetal Alchemist, Table tennis...

And that's it.
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Before the release of Skyward Sword, I went ahead and played through part of Majora's Mask once again. I must have played through it at least thirty times and I want to talk about the multiple sidequests that populate this wonderful game. Because really, Majora's Mask is all about getting every mask more than beating the dungeons. I want to point out specific things that annoy me. Someone who hasn't played through the game won't get the references. As wonderful as the game already is, I cannot help but cringe a little when I get to those moments. First world problems, right?

First of all :


It looks so great. Its shape is just so bad ass. Before the game's release, we saw promotional arts of the razor sword. Oh was I disappointed when I actually got it and it was only functioning for a limited time. Igor, you jackass! I ain't paying 100 rupees for a lousy work. What are my options? The ugly gilded sword? Or a pink fairy sword that is actually an item, not a legitimate space on my B button? There's always the Kokiri sword, small and weak. :(

The goron race track.

Once Snowhead is cleared, there is a race available to obtain gold dust. It is used to forge the gilded sword. That race can be very frustrating. If you get bumped into a rising slope, you lose momentum and your spikes. Ok... You can't regain that speed unless you roll on a flat / constant surface. BRILLIANT!! It is very annoying. It makes the race harder than it has to be. The enemy's AI sucks. They get stupidly ferocious if you're too fast. They get dumb and bump into everything if you fall behind. They're totally ganging up on you. Winning is a result of luck. D:

Don Gero's frog choir.

You need to recruit all five frogs in Termina to form an orchestra. Two of which are located inside temples. Plus, you need to defeat Snowhead's boss again, so spring can come for the frog choir to be available. So basically, you are backtracking through three temples for a piece of heart. :/

[By the way, if you haven't played the game before and you're still reading, that last paragraph is funny. Recruiting frogs to form an orchestra?]

Yeah, I'm nitpicking at small things. There's dozens of other wonderful quests that I adore though. I mean, everything about Romani Ranch is gold. The couple's mask quest is very engrossing. The Zora obstacle course is perhaps my favorite. The only real complaint I have is the saving system. If I'm using my N64 cartridge, which isn't very reliable, the game tends to freeze on occasion. I can't save anytime just like all the other Zelda games. Freezing in a middle of a temple is not fun. You're going to tell me to play it on another console? Why should I succumb to logic? There's no logic here.

Before we get consumed by Skyward Sword, what's your favorite or worst Majora's Mask sidequest?

1:25 PM on 07.07.2011

I am by no means a back expert. This is just my personal experience with this issue.

I'm sure your mom used to see you in front of the tv and kept telling you to sit straight. The truth is, getting comfortable while playing video games is essential. A long run is always better on a comfy couch, chair or a bean bag. Sitting properly is equally as important if not more. Since I work full time as a web developer, it is particularly relevant. For the longest time, I was slouching for hours in front of a tv or a computer. Sitting in a bad posture for so long might take its toll on your back one day, and you're not gonna like it. Case in proof, I am a 23 years old man dealing with back pain.

You might say: "Get more active! This is your fault for not taking care of it!" This is partially true. See, I play table tennis on a regular basis. I'm talking out of breath, running like a mad man type of table tennis. Being active or fit is not the problem, but rather the muscles I'm not using are not active enough. Muscle imbalance is where one muscle compensates for the opposite one's lack of strength. Your back is the center of all this. It's not just your back, it's your whole body that needs to be balanced.

In regards to relief, it sometimes takes more than just a few back stretches to cure the pain for good. You need to know a few things:

1: Back pain is usually not a result of a sudden injury, like lifting with your back. Your bad posture habits or any stress you inflict on your back will build up micro damage overtime. That one bad movement pushes it over the edge.

2: You do some back streches, you feel better. That's what a lot of specialists make you do. They fix where the pain occurs. What if your legs need reinforcement too, and it's affecting your back? How would you know? I had a friend who had back pain for the longest time. He just needed orthopedic shoes because one of his legs was shorter by a few millimeters. I would recommend going to a specialist, like a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or osteopath. Ask for a head to toe assessment. There may be more things to fix than you realize.

3: Recovery will take time, be very patient. The important part is to keep doing the exercise that you've been told to do. Even beyond recovery you should continue. You don't want a relapse. It's gonna be much worse. Don't let it get chronic, cause you're screwed once that happens.

In my case, posture is the big culprit. Ergonomically, I need to fix my work environment. My bad habits at home needs to be fixed as well. It gets tiring keeping that straight posture all day. Why can't it go away while I relax? I associate relaxing with slouching, that's the problem. I need to program a healthy posture into my everyday life. I take breaks from playing every hour to stretch, and it helps.

The internet will give you the necessary knowledge you need to start treating your pain. Get as much information as you can. Then, go see a specialist based on what you learned. Ask him about techniques you read about. The more info you get, the easier it will be to know exactly what to fix. Knowing is half the battle.

In relation to games, this issue affects my portable gaming mostly. I can still play my home consoles if I sit correctly. I did stop playing my ds and psp. I simply cannot hold the machine and look down without my back hurting. No need to say that a 3DS is not an option at this point.

It's not many people who will develop back pain. But if you deal with it, you can't let it go away on its own, it just won't. Or if it does, the lack of prevention will make it come back stronger. I'm at the point where I'm getting on top of it with specialists and exercices. I'm also lucky to have insurance with my company. Spending 80$ per hour is crazy. It might take 3 months. It might take 6. But I don't plan to stay crippled for the rest of my life.

So, that new Legend of Zelda on the 3DS looks pretty amazing, huh? ;_;

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11:06 PM on 04.07.2011

[Reading a recent musing made me want to write this update. Since I never have enough substance to make a whole blog, why not slap a couple of subjects together?]

Oh hai there.

Hi, fellow dtoiders, have a seat while we spend some personal time together. This is a chance to catch up. What have you been up to? Debating? Commenting? Well, you must have had some nice times here, lads. As I sip my cup of Photoshopped brandy, let me tell you of my latest adventures.

Learning the Nippon ways.

Lately, I've been digging into the land of rising sun. After playing amazing games such as Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Vesperia, I can't get enough. Since Namco has no plans to bring overhere all the delightful titles they developped, it is my duty to learn japanese and make it happen. I'm not the only one who feels that way about the Tales series. There are teams translating pretty much all the games. I've been taking japanese classes for the last month and a half, and I'm having a blast.

Realization: You're worst than a japanese kindergartener

Do you have an understanding of what you're gonna have to learn to play a jrpg in J? How good would you feel if you discovered that kindergarten kids knows more than you? Your ego takes a hit, trust me. But soon after, you realize that everybody go through this. You need the base, plain and simple. As long as you love what you're learning, it doesn't matter. It's gonna take years, no doubt. :3 I played My Japanese Coach for two weeks once and felt ready to take on a full jrpg... how stupid was I?

Game over screens make me happy

So I upgraded my phone and it came with a giftcard. It was a good opportunity to get a 60$ game, which I haven't done in quite a while. I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is as everybody said it was.

I seriously stopped for a few seconds to contemplate this greatness.

I could make a musing about it, but I wouldn't be able to make it justice. I'd rather let someone else celebrate this amazing game.

Something I particularly like about it, is seeing the game over screen. I suck, isn't that great? Let me explain. I spent the last few years only playing jrpgs on easy, and barely any other types of games. While fun and relaxing, it sent me into a comfort zone. So, suddenly stumbling on challenges that makes me try again, and again, feels refreshing. Though you don't really go back to the title screen, which defeats the purpose of a game over, you know...

I should seek out those challenges more often. Of course DKCR is a contender. But after trying it for a few hours, I don't like the controls. Call me lazy, but I don't want shaking in my platforming.

A quick pirate comment "Too late for anyone to care"

I'm not adding anything to the discussion "Pirates are thieves, arrh". Beating a dead horse is not my forte. I don't hit animals. I'm just wondering : Am I the only one who can't play my games unless I buy them? I bought a flashcard and suddenly stopped playing any games on the ds. I couldn't find the motivation to play. Then, I bought a game the next month, and played it to death. Like anybody, I did pirate at some point. It just doesn't work for my hobby.

That's it my friends! We might cross each other's path again. On a land as vast as the interwebs, a few clicks is all it takes to reunite us. As I head off on vacation, I bid you farewell. *bows*

Thanks for dropping by. I don't know you, but you are awesome. Yes, you.
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9:42 PM on 12.14.2010

What a great year we had. I witnessed some warm moments here on Dtoid : Anthony Burch's proposal, The Dtoid show... We can also agree that a plethora of great games were released across all platforms. With so much to play, who has the money to buy them all? For me, this normally puts obscure titles at the bottom of the list. When the holidays approach though, we get blessed with low prices. I don't know about you, but the Black Friday deals on Amazon and Steam killed me. I found myself stocking up on games and even buying games I wouldn't even consider before. The great thing is : I sometimes discover new gems, and then cringe at the idea that I didn't play them before.

I used to write off first person shooters as boring, simply because I sucked at them. My experience was limited to competitive multiplayer fps, which I had no patience to learn how to play. I ignored Left 4 Dead as soon as came out for the sole reason that it was a fps. My friends were playing and trying to get me into it. I refused many times. I was stubborn. I was young. I was a fool. My friends caught wind of a Steam deal and directed me to it. A disturbingly small price was tagged on the game. I raised an eyebrow. At this price, I was finally willing to give in. The damn game got purchased.

I then booted up Left 4 Dead, joined a game with a friend... Wait, this is fun, this is really fun, this is AMAZING!! *Head explodes* Even though I was a friendly firing, witch startling terrible player, the game was a total blast. There were good fps games out there after all. Of course I then bought Left 4 Dead 2 day one. There is no better satisfaction then meleeing a tank with three other friends. Blood fills the screen, creating a feeling of bliss. From here on then, having installed Steam, I would be on the lookout for deals, which came every week or so.

This year, an interesting game got itself on Steam. It went by the name of VVVVVV. I remembered reading a certain review about this. It was praised by Revenrend Burch, earning a perfect score. Even better, only five bucks were required. Meh, why not. I wasn't going to be disappointed for 5$. The following event occured while playing : OH MY GOD VVVVVV IS SO GOOD!! HAVE YOU HEARD THE SOUNDTRACK?!! IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Sure it was frustrating as hell sometimes, but it was so magical. I have no other words to describe it. It takes a curious mind, a willingness to try new things, and a motivation to do so. Sure, VVVVVV was a given for me. But for someone who doesn't like a certain genre, how can you convince him to try your game? A stupidly low price might help. Who bought the many Steam indie packs on Black Friday? I did. I was interested in AudioSurf and ended up playing more Rhythm Zone. I had no idea it existed before. Who got tempted by Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom once the price went down on Amazon?

Of course, there is so much goodness out there. Don't blow your hard earned money on those deals all at once, and enjoy them. I wish you all a happy holiday.

P.S: The indie packs were the most disgustingly amazing deals, ever. Also maybe the Humble Indie Bundles. It makes a nice gift. :)

I've seen so many great setups, I thought I'd share mine. I finally moved in a place that's not basically a room and a bathroom. Moving up feels good, man. I can also set up a good gaming haven. Let me show you my living room.

Looks cozy, with a fake fireplace. A map of Hyrule to the right, a poster of Link's lineage to the left, it looks great.

Here's a closup of that Link poster. It's from a set you can get on Club Nintendo. I put the other two in my bedroom. Underneath, my PC, just powerful enough to play last gen games. When I feel like dropping a shit tons of cash, I'll upgrade. Not gonna happen this year. The move cost a lot.

My couch, ready for hours of digital entertainment. Then, when you turn around, you get :

It turned out great. Craiglist did wonders for that shelf and tv unit. A 100$ for both, you can't ask for better. 26 inch tv, it's big enough for me. At the bottom, the three current consoles, with controllers all over the place. At the top, my gamecube and ps2. I still have Persona 4 to finish.

Close up of the bottom. And here's a bunch of photos of the collection :

Not much wii titles. Even if Mario Galaxy 2 is fantastic, money went into moving. Maybe toward the holiday. I goozexed Darksiders to get Dead Space, Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect. Nice bonus I'd say.

The only game I'm playing these days is 3D dot Game Heroes. Fantastic as it is hilarious.

That Goomba is soooo cute. :3 I bought it for 5$. It took a month to ship. When it came in the mail, it was still smelling like glue. :D

For some reason, the only N64 box that's still alive is the first one I got, OOT.

Half my psp titles are imports : Dj Max Portable 2, Black Square, Clazziquai, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Eternia. I like my Dragon Quest on my DS.

Yes, that's right. Nintendo Monopoly. You don't buy properties, you buy characters. ^^

And blurry pictures of last gen's collection.

My honorable mentions : Atelier Iris 1, 2, 3 and P4.

My honorable mentions : The whole Resident Evil Collection on the gamecube.

This setup made a week's worth of moving really pay out. I can actually welcome people in now and not be ashamed. The appartment itself is pretty good too. That's about it.

Thanks for dropping by. You get pancakes.

3:57 PM on 06.02.2010

Boredom. Being somewhat of a loner, I get plenty of it. My usual entertainment consists of playing games. Pretty simple right? I escape my boredom, be it single player or with friends. It has always worked before and surely will continue like that. Or so I thought.

Change of situation, change of pace. It seems like I need to escape games for the time being. I can't find enjoyment in sitting alone and lose myself in a virtual world. It's not like I don't have any games to play. On the contrary, I have a backlog full of great games. 3D dot game heroes, Pokemo-n, Pers-on-a 4, Z-e-l--d---a... I can't manage more than thirty minutes of playtime without feeling bored, even if the games are amazing. Not even Left 4 Dead with friends can keep me entertained right now. Why?

I just moved in temporarly with a friend of mine. I'm getting a new appartment next month and he gladly welcomed me in for the time being. He is not a gamer. I showed him a lot of games, and he is not into it. Fine with me. I often sit in front of my tv, trying to spark my interest back into it. My friend comes along : "I'm going to the beach today, wanna come?" THANK GOD! Of course.

I've been going more outside recently. I'm learning a lot about the outside world. I get sun burns within thirty minutes and I yell : "LOOK! A SQUIRREL! COOL!" everytime I see one. :3

I'm having a good time. Just a simple walking down the street pleases me. I get those phases two, three times a year. It's simple really. As a gamer... no. As an individual, I need to balance my hobby with other activities. I already play one sport, table tennis. Regular meetings with my friends are what I ultimately need in my routine. That's a bit hard to do. I moved to Montreal two years ago, leaving all my friends back up north. Since then, I made one new friend, the guy who's helping me right now. I can't thank him enough for it.

I know I'll get back into gaming soon enough. I'm still reading Dtoid everyday, and still adding games to my collection. Nothing to worry about, guys.

Thanks for reading.

PS : I would also love to play some games with you, Dtoiders. I never have any FNF games, though. XD

[Reverse Monthly Musing? Does it still count?]