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5:46 PM on 02.03.2009

EA report major profit slump - Madden not do so well this year?

"US VIDEOGAME maker Electronic Arts failed to break its losing streak, reporting a net loss for the eighth quarter in a row.

The Redwood City, California-based company reported a net loss of $US641 million ($984 million) for the three months that ended in December, compared with a net loss of $US33 million dollars for the same period a year ago.

"Our holiday quarter came in below our expectations and we have significantly reduced our financial outlook for fiscal 2009, a clear disappointment,'' EA chief executive John Riccitiello said."

The part that sucks, is that people are going to lose their jobs as a result of this. But, I still find it hard to be sympathetic to EA. Its like when you find out that a savage murdering psychopath who slaughtered a maternity ward, just had his house burned down by a candle and didn't have insurance.

Oh, cruching the numbers. We can save EA, if everyone in the world donated just 15 cents, we could reverse the net loss, and ensure that great games (Well, made by great developers, SWALLOWED by EA, then later sacked) continue to appear on our shelves for the maximum amount possible, DRM infected and guaranteed addon packs that should've just been included in the original product with a $50 pricetag.,27753,25006515-31037,00.html   read

11:02 PM on 07.14.2008

So Rock Band 2 eh? Mind if we see Rock Band 1?

MTV Games and Harmonix announced today Rock Band 2, which will arrive first on Xbox 360 this September. The companies have confirmed that all peripherals, as well as downloadable content from Rock Band, will be compatible with the sequel.

What the hell? Seriously, you haven't even released Rock Band 1 here in Australia and you're already promoting its sequel? I realise, EA, that you've been spooked by Activision to the point of having to wear your training pants again with Guitar Hero 4, but enough is enough.

This is absolutely disgusting. You've neglected an entire market just because its not the US or Japan. Australian gamers are very disappointed in you EA. You're more than happy to heap endless Madden shit on a market where nearly NO ONE plays or watches the sport. But when you have something we might actually be interested in? NO, you choose to hold that back to your safe markets. Bastards.

If you somehow screw up the release of Spore (I still hate you for taking over Maxis in the first place) then an entire nation will rise up against you.   read

1:50 AM on 01.18.2008

[Old News] Australia to have filtered internet soon... Right up there with China. And of course, China got it right... :S

I know this is old news, but it seems to have died in the headlines being swamped by the Cory fuckwit who trashed his parents house, and now is being lined up for jobs in the entertainment industry. Also, he's now connected to what could potentially be called child pornography.... But that's a different story...

This internet filtering thing scares the shit out of me. The government believes it knows what is right, moral and correct, and its only going to allow you to view what it wants you to view. Oh, and the cost of having this filter placed on your account, it's going to be yours....

To quote
"To be censored by the Australian Government is “pornography and inappropriate material.” X rated pornography is illegal online in Australia, as are casino style internet gambling, certain forms of “hate” speech and R rated computer games. BitTorrent would be a possibility, even if certain downloads for personal use may be legal under Australian law, sharing those downloads would not be. How far “inappropriate material” may extend was not made clear, for example questioning Government policy where it comes to Aboriginal people could be deemed to be discrimination under Australian law and hence blocked by the censorship regime. Worst still, bloggers or those (such as forum owners) who allow users to comment or post could find themselves blocked under this proposal should someone say or post the wrong thing. If there is one certainty in any country that implements broadscale censorship, once they start blocking content it doesn’t stop, and certainly every do-gooder group and special interest lobbyist will be wanting the Government to add to the list."

This could well mean that Destructoid could be blocked under the Australian plan, due to the fact that games that are classed as 'R' in Australia are talked about at length on sites like this, because they can be sold almost everywhere else in the world.... So any comment about what goes on in such 'Inappropriate material' could be classed as being illegal...

Now, rest assured, there is an "Opt-Out" option open to us as users, never fear. But, could you imagine what a government could do with a list of "Free Internet Users"? People that don't wish to listen to the government and might get classed as being 'subversive' and 'troublesome'.

Lastly, they say that this is being brought in to "Protect the children" from viewing anything inappropriate... Are parents now entirely redundant? Its like they just have to have sex, give birth, and maybe change a nappy (Diaper for you US types) every now and then, maybe feed it once in a while, if you're keen. But every aspect of raising and teaching the children is being taken away... Almost willingly, which is scary...

I have no children. There is 0% chance of ANY children entering my room here in Brisbane, Australia and witnessing such horrors on the internet on my computer. I have NO intention of having children any time soon. Well, I simply lack a host with which to impregnate to create the children... But that's another story.

With that, I ask, with no children in my vicinity, why must I have my internet filtered, and the cost of such filtering covered by me.

As much as it sucks to say, the previous government had it right by sending out CD's so the parents could decide if they wanted the net filtered or not.

This government, I feel, has been bending over for a certain right-wing neo-christian senate party called 'Family First', who would be demanding this filtering, in exchange for Steve Fielding's vital senate vote.

Sometimes I fucking hate democracy... 1 extreme right-winged senator gets power over a supposedly left-wing government.... Something is wrong in the land of Australia...   read

12:22 AM on 11.19.2007

Gaming in Australia. Falls over and dies at the first hurdle, the purchase.

Fellow destructoids, I haven't posted one of these yet, so let me first explain who I am.

I've been a gamer for life, ever since I was shooting sharks in seaquest on my Atari 7800 (Which had Asteroids built in!) right upto now, where I'm still taking my time killing Yiazmat in Final Fantasy XII and running around in Team Fortress two spamming the chat by saying all my team-mates are spies in the voice of the Heavy.

Now, I'm Australian. Which means two things. I like to drink and make an arse (Yes, we say 'Arse', not 'Ass') of myself in public. Secondly, we're a PAL country, so we're always about 6 months to a year behind you NTSC folk in Japan and the USA when it comes to console games, and even the consoles themselves. Its a huge annoyance, but its something we've come to accept.

At least with PC gaming, the wait times now are almost negligible. And with Valve's 'Steam' program allowing worldwide unlocking at the same time, we're finally on par with you snooty foreigners.

Or are we?

The Australian dollar, right at this very moment is valued at 0.893680 USD (Courtesy of So, when I bought the Orange Box through steam, I only paid about $56 AUD, as it was $49.95 USD. But what about those that don't want to buy through Steam, or use credit cards on the internet? Well, effectively you're screwed. I snuck this picture while I was at gamestraders today, and the whole orange box pack, is selling at $99.95 AUD as RRP. Not just at GT, but also at EB.

Now, given that purchasing it in a store, you get a case, a physical DVD, and maybe some pieces of paper inside if you're lucky. But should all that cost an extra $50? Shipping for ONE DVD surely cannot be worth $50!

With the Australian dollar so strong against the US dollar right now, why are we paying so much more for games? This has now got me thinking, almost ALL new games released in Australia retail for at least $89.95. Lets take an example.... What's something all the kids are playing now... Crysis! Using EB games as the seller.

EB Games Australia, retailing for $99.95
EB Games United States, retailing for $49.99

According to XE again, $49.99 USD = $56.0399 AUD at the current rate. So why are we paying $43 AUD more?

To flip it around on the Americans. If you were paying our price for Crysis, you'd be paying
$89.1802 USD for one game. If that were the case, there'd be an uproar! Rioting in the streets, silicon valley programmers being lynched and gaming executives lined up in the streets in front of firing squads. Well, we can only hope.

How is it considered fair to be charging us Australians so much more for games, when they are now exactly the same as the versions released across the shores? Its made me thankful for ideas like Steam, which means we pay the exact same thing as Americans for the exact same game. Go Valve! Australia supports you!

End of first blog item. Resume your normal lives and be thankful you're not gaming in Australia. :P   read

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