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XXX: Oh holy sh!t WOW!!! Vidyagames!!

From a very young age I really loved cartoons. Yeah most kids do but while other kids were like "Yeah I like cartoons" I was like "I FUCKING LOVE CARTOONS!!" I was amazed by the TV and how colourful and different cartoons loo...


The new kid.

Hi gaiz. Introducing myself. Hmm... could just copy/paste my blurb but I'll flesh it out a little. I like pretty much all genres. I'm particularly nuts for old point n click PC games and also anything with a particularly styl...


About NeverMonkeyone of us since 10:53 AM on 02.12.2012

Hey guys. I'm a multimedia graduate who specializes in graphic design and illustration.
Been a gamer since the age of 6, started with the NES. I like all genres except sports and most racing games. I'm crazy for old 90s PC point n click games and anything which has a striking art style.
Check out my artwork on dA:

Will draw stuff for food.

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