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Nerdy Suit
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Social Escapism

Here’s the great thing about gamers: On a certain level, we all understand each other. How else do you explain this awesome little thing we call Destructoid? A website where we can talk about everything from Mario to gay ...


Dawn of War II 50% off on Steam

Dawn of War II is on sale 50% off on Steam this weekend, which makes it $25. First off, everyone should praise me for being the smartest person :P in the entire universe since I predicted it being on sale this weekend d...


Blueberry Garden: The girl and the game

I haven’t had these feelings since I knew a girl named Lacey in the 7th grade. You’re this bird-looking thing with clothes on. Except you don’t have wings…but you can still fly. You can eat blueberries and turn blue…but wh...


I call for better E3 presenters!

I call for better presenters! As someone who prides himself on being a great presenter and pitchman, I’m calling for better presenters at the E3 press conferences from the big three! Listening to their stale dialog and pres...


Can a "suit" also be a "gamer"?

In response to Jim Sterling’s “Nintendo is like Death, coming for all of us eventually” article… As I’m sure most of you have seen the press conferences of the big three, it is more than obvious that most of the big-time exe...


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