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8:57 PM on 06.29.2011

All gamers...especially those who like online FPS...should watch this video

I just wanted to share this video with everyone. The host is Jim Rome, an awesome sports radio host and an ESPN TV host. I just thought Rome's burn on "camping" was awesome.

Let the camping debate begin.

The best quote of the whole video -- "Camping in Call of Duty is like trying to establish the jab in Mortal Kombat."

So awesome.

I couldn't figure out how to embed the's the link:   read

9:35 PM on 03.13.2011

Demon's Souls and football: A Love Letter

Football – That’s what Demon’s Souls reminds me of. Yes, I said football.

I love football.

But there is a demon in football that you must overcome to truly enjoy the sport:

- Conditioning -

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” – Vince Lombardi

Yes, I remember those days all too well. I had one coach, in particular, who loved to see how much he could run us; how far he could push us. This demon took it as a personal challenge to make, at least, one of us vomit. At times, he succeeded. When he didn’t, he ran us more because he was annoyed that no one gave in to his torture.

Yes, I remember begging for the oxygen around me to enter my lungs during one of our brief breaks. I remember how good the water would taste in my imagination as I pretended this hell was finally all over, and I was sucking in as much water as my body could handle.

It’s amazing how precious oxygen and water can be during those moments.

I remember contemplating telling the coach F--- himself.

It’s amazing how much I hated him during those moments.

Those moments are moments of self-pity. You hate the a—hole coach making you do it. You hate your lungs for not breathing oxygen fast enough. You hate the image of water as it tempts you with its savory flavor. You hate yourself for ever allowing yourself to be in this predicament.

But then it happens -- that one fleeting moment, when you make brief eye contact with your teammate right next to you.

Both of you are hunched over. Slight smirks briefly run across both of your faces, laughing at each other. You both know what the other is going through. You both know what the other is thinking…

…and something about that is funny.

You exchange nods.

You realize what’s happening. You’re doing this together:




There’s something strangely unifying about humanity suffering together.

Experiencing pain together.

Sharing it.

The phrase “I’m sorry for your loss” doesn’t exist. There is no sorry. There’s mutual understanding. There’s mutual respect. There’s unity and communal encouragement.

The whistle blows.



Thank you.

There were times when I thought I would lose my desire to finish the game. If I had been by myself, I probably would have quit.

But every time I hated Demon’s Souls; every time Demon’s Souls made me want to vomit; every time I wanted to tell Demon’s Souls to F--- itself

you were there.

Those moments were fleeting.

Sometimes you left me brief words of caution. Sometimes you were a white ghost fighting a boss I had just defeated. Sometimes you were a red ghost providing a death of warning. I will admit that there were times when a slight smirk ran across my face when I saw you die. It was not a malicious smirk. I just understood what you were going through. I knew what you were thinking.

I don’t know who you are. I never will.

But thanks for pushing me through. Thanks for not letting me give up.

- Sincerely,

Your brother of blood, sweat, and tears.

May we vomit together in the sequel to come.   read

9:25 AM on 08.26.2009

Social Escapism

Here’s the great thing about gamers:

On a certain level, we all understand each other.

How else do you explain this awesome little thing we call Destructoid? A website where we can talk about everything from Mario to gay marriage. A place where in one blog we can discuss our extreme differences in our political views, but then in the next blog talk about how sweet Ikaruga is. A sanctuary where the sometimes extreme writing styles of the Destructoid editors would never fly in mainstream media, but all of us gamers totally get it and actually love it.

There’s something special about the gaming community that no other community centered around a hobby that I’ve seen has:

Despite coming from a variety of backgrounds and having a range of political and social views, we still all seem to understand each other.

That’s a unique trait.

I mean, how sweet is it that one moment we’re debating a sensitive subject and the next we’re nerd raging over the new Team Fortress 2 update? One minute we think some guy is an idiot and the next we’re playing Battlefield 1943 with him?

That’s the beauty of gaming.

There’s a lot of crap that goes on in this world. This world is crazy. Sometimes it’s good to discuss some of the crazy crap that goes on all around us and then see where each other stands on different issues. But hell…isn’t it nice to sometimes forget all of that crazy crap and then get lost in whatever gaming world you and your buddy of opposing views are playing?

Maybe that’s what gaming is? – Social Escapism

There are other forms of escapism – reading, music, exercising – but none, to me at least, is as social of a form of escapism as gaming is. Social escapism seems to be an oxymoron, but I think it fits perfectly for the hobby we love so much.

That’s why I love gaming.


9:05 AM on 07.31.2009

Dawn of War II 50% off on Steam

Dawn of War II is on sale 50% off on Steam this weekend, which makes it $25.

First off, everyone should praise me for being the smartest person :P in the entire universe since I predicted it being on sale this weekend due to a major update...see my genius in the comments below:

I will be buying the game this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to the game. I bought and played the first DoW and two of the expansions. I really enjoyed the game, but it also influenced me to get into the lore of Warhammer 40,000.

So I bought "The Horus Heresy: Collected Visions" book, which essentially recaps all of the events surrounding Horus' betrayal of the emperor...and it was freaking awesome. Now I'm a Warhammer 40,000 lore geek. It's an awesome universe, and I can't wait for the game.

So who else is picking it up? And are there any other Warhammer 40,000 universe fans out there?   read

11:41 PM on 07.27.2009

Wives talking about addicted gamer husbands...

Ok, so my wife enjoys going onto different forums across the internet and read about people’s lives and opinions on things. A weird hobby in my eyes, but I guess controlling an imaginary elf on the computer screen while pushing a few buttons is also a weird hobby.

Anyways, since she knows how big of a gamer I am, she showed me a thread where different women were discussing game addiction. The website is filled with women (and pretty much only women) who attend the same religion I do. In a recent magazine published by the church I go to they discuss video game addiction. My church wasn’t bashing video games…they were simply talking about how we can’t allow things like video games to become such an overwhelming addiction that it destroys our lives. They have done many articles that are similar on different potentially addicting habits such as gambling, porn, drugs, work, etc.

I thought it was interesting, if not hilarious, to read some of the things that were said. Some women seem to know what they’re talking about. Others are the typical misinformed “games are for acne-filled dweebs” person.

I posted some of their responses for your enjoyment. I would love to hear your responses to what they said, or if you have any stories about video game addiction. By the way, “DH” means “Dear Husband”…so they’re talking about their husband when they say that. Weird, I know…I had to get my wife to tell me that one.

The comments of the ladies from the blog are in cursive while my responses are in bold.


I feel for the wives/spouses of gamers. I really, really do. I don't understand, I guess, why someone over the age of say 20, needs to play a video game unless they are playing with a child. It can become a huge addiction and problem. So--for those who are married to gamers--I don't understand, but you still have my sympathy. We all have something we struggle with--that much I can and do understand.

This was one of the more idiotic ones I read. She, apparently, doesn’t have a clue.


“I got so mad I broke his games and he just went and bought new ones.”

Now, according to what she wrote, her husband was really bad. She talked about how he would leave all night, every night, to his friends’ houses that weren’t married and game with them. She never knew where he was at.

Still, let it be known, W.D.W, that breaking my games would be on the same level as adultery. Death to all game breakers.

Random Quotes:

“I have a lot of sympathy for those that are dealing with this!”

“I know of two divorces that happened and one of the big things that started things on the wrong course was the dh's going and playing games with their buddies til 3am on a weeknight, ignoring their spouses etc.”

“My cousin is married to a gamer who spends all his time on the computer. If they have an event at their house, he usually doesn't even come down stairs to socialize. He just stays on the computer.”

“he realized what a HUGE time waster they [video games] were...”


“He has a theory. He says that men have an inherent need to go out and conquer something. And, they like playing games so they can get that thrill of conquering something. It is a whole lot easier to sit at home in your pj's instead of going out in the real world to conquer something.”

Bingo! That's what Dh told me last night (before I had even opened the Ensign and found the article.) He said it's instant gratification because people online are telling him how wonderful he is and thanking him over and over again for helping him out. He can be a knight in shinning armour without having to do anything but push a few buttons. He said it's ideal for a lazy man! (his words, not mine!) LOL!

Probably true…though I don’t know if it’s that simple. What do you think?

Eellsworth (Eellsworth was one of the few sane ones)

I am a gamer, so is my husband. However, we both know and understand what is acceptable in our relationship. Games are not inherently bad. My mom always says, "I just don't understand how you have time to play on the computer." I always feel like saying, "I just don't understand how you have time to sit on the phone and gossip, shop, etc."

And, it's not necessarily about setting rules. The idea of setting rules for one's spouses always kind of gets me. It's about having respect for the person you're married to. If DH had a problem with me playing WoW, I would unsubscribe immediately. It's not that important to me.

The bottom line is we all have our interests and we make time for them. The trick is not to let it adversely affect our families.

And one more from her…

I wonder what would happen if the church put out an article about crazy out of control scrapbookers. They all demand a whole room in a house for their hobby. They go to conventions, are always buying stuff, and their house is covered in half-finished projects. Their husbands feel neglected and are sick of the out of control expense of their cricut machine.

Just a funny thought. I'm really not being serious here.

Even though she’s partly joking, how true her statement is…how true. I would also like to ask the women who post on this website all-day, everyday, how that is different and potentially less addicting than video games?

My late dh was a gamer. However, he never let it interfere with working, and also helping me around the house. That was his activity of choice. I did not mind at all because he did not let it get it in the way of his family or work.

My son is a gamer too. However, when I ask him to do something, he will do it. I always think how cute it would have been to watch those two together, plotting their next moves, etc... they totally would have done it. I have a cute pic of my son in his underoos and my husband playing a video game. My son is on top of his shoulders... it is precious

This one made me want to cry.

Anyways, not all of the comments were bad. Some were good and others were reasonable…and there were some, of course, that were insane with incorrect information. Anyways, I always find it amusing to hear different perspectives on the hobby we love so much.   read

2:59 PM on 07.14.2009

The top 4 adventure games that need sequels/remakes

In celebration of the awesome new Monkey Island, here are 4 more games that need the same treatment...I only did 4 because I don't have a 5th that I really want, so 4 will have to do.

Discworld 1 & 2

Both Discworld 1 and 2 were based off of a series of novels by some guy from England named Terry Pratchett. Truthfully, I have never read any of his books. Based on the games, however, I have to assume that the books are hilarious.

Everything in Discworld is hysterically funny. Both games are, without question, two of the funniest games I’ve ever played – they both kind of have that Monty Python sense of humor. At the same time it’s a very well created world with some great lore behind it.

The puzzles definitely wouldn’t win an award for the most well-constructed. There were many times where even after clicked on a hundred items and finally found the solution that it still didn’t make sense.

Despite that fact, I don’t think I’ve played a game since where I laughed as hard and as often as I did in both Discworld 1 and 2.

Full Throttle

Tim Schafer is a fan favorite now (EVERYONE: Please, buy Brutal Legend and support this genius), but the game that put his name on the map, at least for me, was Full Throttle.

Full Throttle is another game that was absolutely hysterically funny but still managed to tell an engaging story with great characters. At the time, the art and graphics were absolutely sweet. The main character, a rough and tough biker named Ben, is a bad ass. Even Mr. Luke Skywalker himself (a.k.a. Mark Hamill) does the voice for the main bad guy. Oh…and unlike Discworld, most of the puzzles actually made sense. Games don’t get much sweeter.


I know…most of you probably hated Myst and/or Riven. A lot of you probably thought it was boring and thought it was nothing more than an overrated graphical slideshow. Allow me to inform you that you are mentally retarded.

I’ll be honest – my tastes in gaming have changed quite I bit from my younger years. I used to be a patient gamer that was a hardcore JRPG and adventure gamer. Now, in my later years, I demand destruction and action. Thus, I no longer have patience, so I may no longer have the patience to play a game like Myst or Riven now. However, in their day, and despite their critics, these games were absolutely spectacular.

Before Myst, puzzle/adventure games incorporated random puzzles into the environment that didn’t make any sense as to why they were there. Myst, however, incorporated the puzzles as part of the environment (e.g. pulling lever A would make object B in a different location move).

Say what you want about Myst and Riven being just a graphical slideshow. Sure, both games consist of a bunch of stagnant pictures. But here’s my argument:

Games like Zeno Clash aren’t the most graphically powerful, but many critics considered Zeno Clash to be one of the most beautiful games around. Why? Because of the superb art direction.

Myst and Riven fall into this same category. They are probably the first games that actually drew me into their world. They had such great art direction and such great stories and mythos that I felt like the worlds were real. Oh, and the two soundtracks are still two of my favorite video game soundtracks today.

Yes, I know that there have been sequels after Riven…but I want a sequel from the two brothers who were the original creators – Robyn and Rand Miller. Alas, I’m sure they’ll never team up to make another game again.

The Grim Fandango

Another Tim Schafer classic and, in my opinion, his best game to date. While not quite as funny as Full Throttle, The Grim Fandango has some of the most memorable characters I have ever seen in a video game. I loved Manny and all of the side characters from the beginning.

The story was original, which focuses on dead people and helping them get to the after-life according to ancient Aztec beliefs and done an in old-school film noir style. Considering that everyone was dead and bone, the character art direction was superb. The puzzles were great and the voice-acting is top-notch even by today’s standard.

A true classic that was greatly underappreciated (like most of Tim Schafer’s work).

I really, really want Tim Schafer to do another puzzle/adventure game. Here’s to hoping…


3:46 PM on 07.10.2009

Top 5 reasons why Team Fortress 2 = Best Game Ever :)

Ok, so I mean the best game of all-time for me and not necessarily for everyone. I just put that as the title to get more people to click on my blog and get pissed.

1) Team Play

I’m a huge lover of sports. I grew up playing many different sports over a number of years, especially team-oriented sports such as football. As a result, I’m a big team guy. I’m the guy in an MMO that will gladly play the healer or support class simply because I get a kick out of supporting my teammates and making them better and stronger than they would have been otherwise.

With that said, NO GAME forces you and your team to play as team oriented as Team Fortress 2. I have been addicted to many online FPS over the years: Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, the Quake and Battlefield series…but nothing, at least that I’ve played, pulls off the team concept better.

First, each class has significant strengths and weaknesses. Each class has something(s) that they’re really, really good at and something(s) that they’re really, really bad at. Nobody cares about your standard death match in TF2. Why? The classes are balanced in such a way that certain classes would get pummeled in a standard death match format because of their strengths and weaknesses.

Second, most of the maps are small and funnel the teams to each other. Imagine a football field: It’s defined as 100 yards in length and about 53 yards wide. There’s very little room to run away from the opposing team. Sure, there are nooks and crannies that the opposing team can try to strategize around and slip through, but basically it’s one team trying to push against the other team.

Third, the best TF2 maps/modes, in my opinion, are the ones that has one team act as the offense and one team act as the defense. There’s nothing in gaming that I’ve experienced that is more intense then when there’s 60 seconds left and one team is trying desperately to stop the other team from capturing the point.

Most other online FPS I’ve played don’t really play with this team concept. Sure, you can choose “Team Deathmatch” or “Team Whatever” in a game like Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3, but there’s not much of a team aspect. Everyone just kind of runs off on their own, typically, and tries to get the most kills on the map. Not so with TF2.

2) Class variety = Win

Do you suck at FPS? Well, you’re in luck – you can suck at FPS and still be highly effective in TF2.

There are some classes that you definitely need FPS skills such as the Demo, Soldier, Scout, and Sniper. However, there are other utility classes that have a tremendous effect on the outcome of a match and utilize very little FPS skill such as the Engineer, Spy, and Medic.

While some hardcore FPS fanatics may mock this and call TF2 a “gamez 4 teh noobz”, TF2 is far from that. While the Engineer, Spy, and Medic don’t require specific FPS skills, they do DEFINITELY require skill.

If you play as an Engineer, it’s all about strategy and where you place your sentry. Put it in the right place (and watch out for those nasty spies) and you’ll be a very though line of defense for your team. Get your teleporters up in strategic locations and your team will love you.

Spies are a class that you’ll either suck at or be one of the most valuable players on your team. Taking down Engineers and their sentries/dispensers/teleporters is an art only the most skillful can excel at. And there’s no bigger hard-on than backstabbing an uber-charged Medic.

Medics are the lifeblood of your team, especially on offense. If you don’t have enough medics on your team then you, most likely, will not win. Whether or not you win in points as a medic, you will be your teams MVP.

3) Balance is the key to life

With games in the MMO and fighting genres struggling to balance each class, TF2 is one of the most perfectly balanced games I’ve ever played.

Each class has a certain role that they need to fill. Rarely is it a good idea to have a team that doesn’t have at least one of each class. Spies will hate Pyros, Engineers will hate Spies, and everyone will hate the well-positioned Engineer. It plays a little like paper-rock-scissor, but with your skill definitely deciding the outcome.

4) Graphics

Some people knock TF2’s Pixar-like graphics. I think these people are retards. First, because the graphics tie in to TF2’s sense of humor, but even more importantly because 5-10 years from now when we all think that Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 look like crap, we’ll still think that TF2 looks solid because of the graphical style that they chose.

5) Humor

You can never appreciate how difficult it is for game creators to put a great sense of humor into a game. It is a very difficult thing for game creators to pull off and something that I see failed time and time again.

TF2’s humor has some of the best one-liners that you’ll be repeating to your friends for months. I won’t even bother trying to type out a bad rendition of some of the lines since you need an understanding of the TF2 world and voices to know why it’s so hilarious…but hilarious it absolutely is.

Besides, any game that has gamers who are weird enough to dress up like them is teh shiz.


10:31 AM on 07.08.2009

The beauty of vacation: A story about Zeno Clash, Madworld, and Plants vs. Zombies

The beauty of having a week off of work: It feels like you have all of the time in the world.

As a kid, you don’t realize how much time you have and how lucky you are to have that time. It’s not till you get older and start working, going to school, having a family, etc, that you realize how much free time you had to game.

With that said, I was fortunate enough to have this past week off and this is what I played:

Zeno Clash

This game is as disturbed and screwed up as you’ve heard about. Wait…I called it a game? Scratch that. It’s a world…it’s an experience. I rarely use the word “experience” to describe game. To me, it’s the highest honor. Bioshock was an experience. Portal was an experience. Zeno Clash was an experience. While Zeno Clash isn’t quite as tight as the other two aforementioned “experiences” it is amazing nonetheless.

The world feels real. As screwed up as it is, it feels like it exists somewhere. In just a four hour game they packed in mountains of lore just off of a short main story, a few side stories, and some of the most beautiful art direction I’ve ever seen in a game. It almost feels like a dark or weird fantasy movie from the 80’s like “The Neverending Story” or Jim Henson’s “Dark Crystal”. This game proves that it’s much more about art direction than engine power.

Along with the setting the story is awesome. I mean, I HAD to know what Father-Mother did. I had to. And like any well-constructed story, you don’t find out the truth until the very, very end.

My only real gripe about the game was that because I loved the world so much, I felt bummed out that I couldn’t explore it more. I wanted to open doors, search every house in the village; explore every hill, nook and cranny. But I guess this is a testament to how much the world enthralled me than it is a knock on the game itself.

Mad World

This game is flat out cool. “Cool” is the best way to describe it. The graphics are sweet. The kills are sick. The announcers are funnier than most stand-up comedians. And the character “Black Baron” is the best new character in a video game this year, even though his role is limited in Mad World.

There are very few experiences like this out there. While the Wii has been a disappointment to me, this is one of those games that seem to justify my purchase of the Wii.

My favorite line from Madworld? It came from the announcers and it goes a little something like this:

Announcer 1 "Looks like Jack got an extra life."

Announcer 2 "You know I had an extra life once. I came back as a cock roach. Did you know that cock roaches could live a week without their heads?"

Announcer 1 "Big deal. I've been married 8 years without any head."

Plants vs. Zombies

I saved the best for last. What? Am I serious? Plants vs. Zombies beat out Madworld and Zeno Clash? Not only was it by far my favorite game to play this past week, I was absolutely addicted to it.

The game is the classic example of being simple and highly complicated at the same time.

Simple: Don’t let the Zombies cross the yard and eat your brains.

Complicated: We’re going to throw at you a million plant types and a million zombie types.

The game play is classic, but original. It has a real personality and sense of humor to it. And the strategy is deep and complex. For the life of me, I could not get past the “Hard” extra stages you unlock after you beat the game until I forced myself to improve and change my strategy.

This, my friends, is the best $10 you will spend all year.

So my vacation is over. I now need to go back to my real life and responsibilities. By while I was away, I thoroughly enjoyed the captivating world and experience of Zeno Clash, the LOLROFLLMAO moments of Madworld, and the deep, addicting strategy and personality of Plants vs. Zombies. I promise you that each of these games is worth your time and money.

Do yourself a favor and experience them.   read

11:33 AM on 06.15.2009

Blueberry Garden: The girl and the game

I haven’t had these feelings since I knew a girl named Lacey in the 7th grade.

You’re this bird-looking thing with clothes on. Except you don’t have wings…but you can still fly. You can eat blueberries and turn blue…but who the hell knows why? Along the way, you pick up random crap like an hour glass, a block of cheese, and dice, which you then use to make an odd looking tower…


Even as an indie lover, this game kind of weirded me out. None of it seemed to make sense. It was even worse when there were no instructions on how to play the game. I had to figure out which button to press to jump, fly, eat, etc. Then I would eat a blueberry and turn blue…but nothing would tell me what affect that had on me or the game? Does it just turn me blue? Does it do anything???!!

The concept is weird. There’s no instruction on how to play. There’s no explanation as to what the different things in the environment do. There’s no music and the art is subpar. And this game won “Best Independent Game” at the 2009 Independent Games Festival?

Blueberry Garden was like that girl that everyone thought was hot but you. That girl for me was Lacey in the 7th grade. You just didn’t get it. She’s not that good-looking, right?

Then I finally jumped off of the platform that would eventually hold my oddly constructed tower for the first time. The music hit. Beautiful piano strokes seemed to come off of a screen that now seemed to me to be misunderstood art more than the “subpar” art I once thought it was. It was almost as if I was flying through a painting of some forgotten artist.

Blueberry Garden was that girl again. One day she came to school, and I finally thought “maybe she is good-looking”. Is it the outfit? Am I just desperate today?

No…nevermind. The next day she came back to school, and she reverted to her old self – the popular girl that everyone thinks is hot but me. She just had a good day. She isn’t that hot. I’m still eating blueberries and turning blue for some unknown, stupid reason. The game isn’t telling me how to play. I’m picking up rocks, and I don’t know what the hell to do with these rocks.

At this point, I can’t explain what happens next…but then again, when you fall in love with a girl, you can’t really explain that either. I keep playing for some unknown reason. Maybe it was curiosity as to why it won “Best Independent Game”. Maybe I wanted to feel like I got my $5 worth. Maybe there was some subconscious part of my brain that did like the game but just hadn’t realized it at that point.

But I kept playing.

I slowly started to realize that I actually liked not knowing how to play. I liked that the game didn’t explain what the different items in the game did – it forced me to pay so much closer attention to the game than any other game I had played in recent memory. Paying such close attention not only helped me learn what the different items did, but it also forced me to appreciate the game’s small, beautiful quirks. My oddly constructed tower was getting higher and higher. With every lift off of the tower the captivating piano played in the background. The environment was changing little by little, and so was I.

And the blueberries?…so that’s what the blueberries do!!!

You know what…maybe she’s not so bad-looking. Actually, she’s really cute. She’s fun and passionate. I feel different when I’m around her now…I feel like I’m a flying bird with no wings that just landed on the moon. She’s beautiful. I think I love her.

That’s it! I’m gonna let her know how I feel!

Then, after finally taking me to the moon after all of the growth and appreciation I developed for her, she rejects me. She tells me that’s it. There’s no more.

I realize it’s the end of my love affair with her.

How short and sweet it was.   read

12:16 PM on 06.10.2009

I call for better E3 presenters!

I call for better presenters!

As someone who prides himself on being a great presenter and pitchman, I’m calling for better presenters at the E3 press conferences from the big three! Listening to their stale dialog and presentations makes me want to vomit.

Pretty much all of the presenters are technically sound. Nobody said a lot of "umms" or did anything too distracting. My main problem is that most of the presenters didn't connect with their audience very well.

As a result, I'm only giving three presenters the "I didn't make Mr. McLeod vomit from my boring presentation award". And the winners are:

1st place:

Kudo Tsunoda

Everyone has to recite from their script. It's a necessity because...

1) You want to know what you're going to say so that you don't sound like a dufuss.
2) You don't want to say something outside of what the company you represent wants to claim.

Still, despite the fact that Kudo had a script, you could hardly tell that he did. He was engaging, commanding, and even took a funny little shot at Nintendo's waggle.

Felicia Day

Felicia Day was funny, spontanteous, and seemingly geniune in her approach...I say seemingly because you can never trust whether or not an actor is being sincere :)

John Schappert

By the far best of the corporate types. Reggie used to win this with me, but lately I feel like he's been dull and too robotic. Johnny was robotic at times, but for the most part he seemed to have fun, changed his voice inflection, and kept everyone's attention. And he even threw in one or two jokes off of the cuff, which surprised me.

And the absolute worst presenter that was so bad that Mr. McLeod wanted to cry while he vomitted award goes to:

Don Mattrick

Horrible…stiff…corny…tripping over names like Metal Gear Solid…clapping for his own statements…his presentation was absolutely craptacular...

Anyways, since the execs at Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo care what I think, I'm sure they'll improve for next year! :)   read

4:04 PM on 06.08.2009

Can a "suit" also be a "gamer"?

In response to Jim Sterling’s “Nintendo is like Death, coming for all of us eventually” article…

As I’m sure most of you have seen the press conferences of the big three, it is more than obvious that most of the big-time execs of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo don’t really care about video games. The same is true about some of the big-time publishers as well. Don’t get me wrong…I think they enjoy their jobs. I’m sure they’re fine business leaders. But how many of them could talk to anyone here about why Bioshock’s atmosphere was so captivating, or why Braid’s ending plot twist was so fantastic, or the newest strategies you’ve been trying out in COD4? How many of them do you think actually play games for fun?

Remember Peter Moore at E3 in his last year with Microsoft? He apparently didn’t think it was important enough for him to make sure he didn’t bomb his Rock Band performance by practicing.

Cammie Dunaway is a joke. I know that Nintendo hired her to help them reach the type of “casual” audience that Ms. Dunaway represents, which makes sense, but she tries to talk to the hardcore gamer and it doesn’t work.

Now we have Reggie Fils-Aime who thinks that Nintendo will attract the “core” gamer with games like The Conduit and Dead Space: Extraction. The quote that Jim Sterling noted in his article is as follows:

"We think we win over the Halo audience with something like The Conduit, a multiplayer, online, shooting experience, or Dead Space Extraction," he adds. "And you know what? Once those people buy into Wii, they'll go buy Mario Kart or Wii Fit Plus."

Really, Reggie? Are you serious?

Besides President Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto from Nintendo, I think you’d be hard pressed to find an executive business leader of a major company in the video game industry that are true gamers. They are a rare breed, indeed.

So here’s the deal…

My name is Mike McLeod, and I’m currently a soon-to-be graduate MBA student from Fresno State. That in no way makes me cool or better than anyone. I only bring it up to talk about one of my goals in my career:

I want to be a different kind of businessman in the video game industry.

The video game industry is devoid of great business leaders who are true gamers. As a result, you have some executives who are great businessmen and women, but don’t understand when hardcore gamers react a certain way. We are a peculiar bunch.

I believe I can be that guy that not only has a tremendous business acumen but also is a hardcore gamer just like anyone else on this site.

Unfortunately, I am not in the video game industry at the moment. I’m an entrepreneur, and I haven’t launched anything video game related yet…but if things go the way I’m hoping then that should change in the next year.

Anyways, one day my goal will come true. Hopefully, when that day comes no one on Destructoid will refer to me as just another “suit”.


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