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" Everyone knows what's up with pickles by now. If they came out with some new badass pickle, what's old pickle gonna do ,taste better? Why should I still care about old pickle!? Because old pickle tastes good to someone else? Old pickles taste like shit."

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Processing Power

Everyone knows paper plates have terrible processing power. They can barely run The Bioshockerz (with a z). They couldn't process their way out of The plastic bag. Why, I tried to put one of these in my fucking RIG once and it just sat there and did nothing, a bit of smoke came out and something smelled like burnt but it was ok because of loli's who's Adam I stole to power things and do things like super powers are.

BBC Code


Pauper Playts uze BBC code to makes things like slanty lettererererz and big black thick leters n stuf. Everyone knows -REAL- programers use HTMANDLLETTERFONTARROWS to do the <code>PROGRAMINGZ/code> and pepper plights can't even use the BINER-BERRY to 1010010101001001010101010101.

Mozzila FireFenix

Everyone knows that Interner Explorer 9000 is the [/i]BEST[/i] browser and no other browser should ever stand a foot chance thing of beating sucj amd asome piece of work.


Because I said so and stuff and things that have to do with the topic because MEME.

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