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Neonie avatar 9:54 PM on 03.28.2010  (server time)
Why I Never Finished Cave Story

[There was a picture showing the Wii and PC version graphics here. It's gone now]
I played on PC but man it's odd the Wiiware version looks uglier. More pixels =/= better graphics.

Yes yes I know. In Jim's article earlier today he said Cave Story was for furries. And as such I should be ecstatic to play it. However Cave Story has commits a sin that not even anthropomorphic bunnies can make me forgive it for. It does not something that no game with the kind of acclaim and followers should have to put up with. Something no one warns you about as they go on about their "great story" and "great gameplay."

To me Cave Story is nothing the a game with a really cool design that gave up on the second level. It's not the developer completely stopped trying and now I'm going to tell you why.

Thanks for saving me now can you please go back threw the level that it just took you an hour or so to blast threw, only backwards and then forwards again?

No. I don't think I've ever literally told a game "no" before Cave Story. I'm the kind of person who will put up with a games bull shit, watch a movie, start an anime, or most recently, start watching Lost, and won't let go until it's over. Even if at first glance I don't like, I'll usually try and find something I enjoy about it, I'm a really easy person to please entertainment wise. I'm not a game reviewer. I don't look at games like a game reviewer and would never want to. This is how I judge a game: Am I having fun? Yes? Ok.

I was having fun with Cave Story. Believe me I was. But the game is frustrating, and there are only two things in this world that will make me stop playing a game immediately. The first one is fetch quests. The second on is for another article, at another time.

The first and last fetch quest in Cave Story I encountered before I told the game "no," was odd. Not odd because I didn't understand what the game wanted me to do. But odd because it was completely unnecessary to throw in this completely pointless thing where it doesn't need to be. This is why I feel the developer gave up, obviously trying to stretch the amount of time you spend with the game, or being completely uncreative with the tasks they put forth for the player. It didn't really matter. If the person making the game is not going to put the effort into making what it asks you to do interesting, why should I, the player, put up with the bull shit it asks to put me threw? Why should I waste my time playing this persons game if they felt like it was a waste of time to make?

I hear this story is really good too but I sure as a fuck am not going to read all of that.

When I expressed this feeling on twitter I had someone reply to my tweet: "Oh but just put up with it the story is really good."

I can not express how bad that statement is. I should not have to put up with fetch quests because "the story is good." If the story is truly that great, why did the developer not put more effort into making the game play fit into the story, rather then make it secondary? Why make a great story, and choose games as your media of choice if your going to be lazy with the game play it self? If your going to make a good story, make a good game to go along with it. Or if you seriously can't be fucked to throw fetch quests at me, make it a Flash Animation. I heard it worked great for the guy who wrote "There She Is."

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