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Neonie avatar 6:41 PM on 04.13.2008  (server time)
What does Destructoid mean to me?

I've been a member of Destructoid for a while now, and this blog marks my 5000th post. But I'm not just writing this to tell you this. During my course at Destructoid, I've felt both loved and hated. At one point this became to much for me and I left, and because some of the wonderful people here who actually cared about me I came back (I know reminding you all of this, is becoming old news but don't worry there is a point to it all).

This blog will not have epic credits this time around, because it is not about individual community members, it is instead about Destructoid, community and gaming site as a whole.

First the good. Dtoid is obviously a wonderful place, the best place to get gaming news and actually hear what other people have to say about. It has a great group of editors, writers and community that I am proud to be a part of. it has provided me with much fun during the Friday Night Fights, and the Team Fortress Tusedays I've been able to participate in. I've been able to meet some truly great and friendly people who really care about each other and watch each others backs.

But there IS another side to this wonderful community. A bit of a darker side. You see, I've been pretty much cast out of IRC, another member of Destructoid who I will not disclose had the displeasure of going into Ventrillio, and from what I've heard (and fully believe, from what I know about who is in vent) was not exactly treated with the kindest of hearts. And I find this all very sad, that there are community members, who in fact, can not be a deeper part of the community because of something that affects no one but them selves, or something that someone uses to express them selves in way nothing else can.

If any of you were cast out of a community you loved because you were a gamer, you would feel like shit and feel it was wrong wouldn't you? Being a gamer is who you are, it's part of you is it not? I know this blog will probably change nothing, and I'll still get shit for it even though I've mentioned no ones name.

What does Destructoid mean to me? It means a place I can go where I have friend, where someone is suppose to be able to be them selves, where most of the community members are generally very nice people.

If only those 3 words didn't make my life so much harder -_-.

Edit: "Cast Out" was not the right words for it. I get it.

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