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Neonie avatar 7:07 PM on 06.04.2008  (server time)
Triple Blog: Neonie, Ub3erslug, and Heretic talk about RetroforceGo!

This was written at 11pm the night after I had listened to episode 50. It was meant to and because it's become to long to be a comment anymore, I'm making it a blog.

RetroforceGo! Was shortened to "Retroforce" for the most part in this blog because having the word "RetroforceGo!" to many times on one web page would cause your computer to explode into thousands of dolphin shaped, pizza roll and slurppy flavored gummies.

Me, Heretic, and Ub3rslug decided to make this a triple decker blog. Originally it started out as my blog, I asked them if they wanted to contribute. So the first blog following this is mine. Heretic and Ub3erslugs blog will be after their pictures.

Heretic/Distrato of course took none of this serious so I'm posting exactly what he gave me x3.

I think I've figured out the secret to Retroforcego.
I believe the main draw is that, Retroforce as a whole, is excellent at just making people feel really good, both about them selves, and about life.

-Retroforce tingly feeling you get when you hear your favorite games theme song.

-Retroforce are the thoughts you have when you hear 8 bit music.

-Retroforce is losing a level in Megaman for the 30th time and throwing your NES/SNES controller across the room.

-Retroforce is being at peace and letting your worries slip away and being a kid again.

-Retroforce is giving your mom a dolphin statue for mothers day, because she, also, has a collection of dolphins.

-Retroforce is taking solace in the fact that you weren't the only person who spend their youth playing videogames.

-Retroforce is knowing that the 2d sprite never ages.

It goes deeper then Retro goggles and nostalgia, it goes deeper then sheer humor and laughs. It is instead the memories and childhood of not just one, not just the three/four , but an entire generation of gamers who grew up with it and made it one of the biggest parts of their lives, and I can't imagine this working with any other cast of people.

P.s.: Colette you should totally keep the Chocobo scale, it suits you perfectly.


RetroForceGo to me means having to hear Neonie orgasim on Steam. Every Monday its the same shit, "OMG NEW RETROFORCE!! *cumcumcum*" He then abandons me to listen to it while I remain alone. Afterwards I start up my collection of My Chemical Romance MP3s and proceed with the cutting. It feels really nice and makes me remember about happier times like when I actually had a life. After crying in the fetal osition for many hours
I start fapping to images of guro lolis and shotas. Yelling at oncoming traffic is also something I do while I wait for some from of communication with others. Sometimes I'll piss someone off and they'll kick my ass. Man I love when someone beats the shit out of me it makes my fapping sessions so much more enjoyable. I do all these things because of RetroForceGo. So thank you Chad, Colette, Dyson, and Topher for making me
this way.

Retroforce is:
-Finding you’re Gold Cartridge of Ocarina of Time, only to stop whatever you were doing and finish the god damn dungeon you were stuck on as a kid.
-Realizing you’re the only one who played Chameleon Twist.
-Realizing you’re the only one who played Space Station Silicon.
-Remembering the first game you played (Aladdin on the SNES), then doubting how great it actually was.
-Naming off the special colored carts, and remembering how many you used to own.
-Starting a sentence with “Remember back in the day…”
-Walking into a store with money in your hand, and leaving with a crate full of older games and a smile on your face
-Knowing the scientific name for Brain Freeze (Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia). Seriously.
-Singing along with “The Unofficial Retroforce Theme Song.” If not only to piss off Distrato (Heretic) while he tries to win at the games.
-Getting the generic battle music stuck in your head, but this only adds to the epicness of the situation you are stuck in

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