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Neonie avatar 12:58 PM on 11.06.2008  (server time)
Glitch Shot: Two Glitches to get your Fixes.

During the course of playing some games I discovered some glitches some of you may be interested in. I'll document the two (so far) glitches I've discovered below, how -I- activated them, and -I- fixed them. Activating a glitch however can be dangerous and, particularly in the case of the Fable 2 glitch, irreversible, attempt at your own risk.

Game: Mirrors Edge Demo
Glitch: Open Training Grounds.
How to do it:In order to activate this glitch, you must get past the part of the training grounds that requires you to walk across a pipe. Once you are across that pipe, you need to wall run up the wall in front of you, to the left and get up the taller wall. Your training partner should still be standing there not doing anything. At this point your free to go as far as you want in the obstacle course as you want.
How to fix it: All you need to do to fix the glitch at this point, when you've stopped having fun speed running the obstacle course (like I did) is go back past the pipe and go up the way you normally should of, this will put you back in training mode and you'll be able to finish the course like normal.

Game: Fable 2
Glitch: Glide Walk/Running
How to activate:Activating this is possibly irreversible, dangerous even. It's amusing at first but, at least to me, became an annoyance.

Go to the gargoyle in Bowerstone Graveyard, right behind the junk yard gate. Pull out a clockwork rifle (I haven't tried this in any other way and am not tempted to now that I have it fixed). Shoot the gargoyle and immediately pause the game, save and quit. What this did for me, when I logged back on I could only glide, not walk anywhere.

How to fix it: This is highly experimental, I'm honestly not sure how to fix it. I tried many thing that did not work to fix it that I won't go into. How it eventually got fixed was seeing if dieing would fix it (it did not), dieing twice and then collecting experience after the same fight however, I walked normal again. Try this at your own risk.

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