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Neonie avatar 11:28 AM on 05.01.2008  (server time)
And the Gamers who play them...PC Vs. Console.

"I'm a grown up, I don't play console games." This was a comment made by some ignorant moron last night as I was playing Team Fortress 2. (On a computer, on Steam).

I find this statement inaccurate for two reasons:
1. Age has nothing to do with your platform (of choice) or any platform you play at all.
2. Neither PC or console are any better then the other, however, both have their ups and downs.

Because of our misguided friends statement last night, I'll start with Consoles.

Consoles offer something a PC never can, and something someone who has only ever played PC games in their life can never understand: The feeling of having a controller in your hand. This is the way I grew up, and would never trade it for anything in the world. It's something a mouse and key board can just not match.

Platformers: Have you ever tried to play any kind of platformer on a PC? (Via Emulator or otherwise?). It just doesn't work, I dare you to play Super Mario World on your PC and tell me it's a good system.

Fighting Games: I'm not really sure how much I need to say on this to make my point. You need two crucial things to play fighting games: A D-pad and buttons. When it comes right down to it, WASD and your arrows keys are just not going to cut it.

Free Roam Games: Any game where you find your self roaming around a large area for an extended period of time should be put on console. And you may think "But MMO's...."

That's exactly my point, a computer is something very easy to sit in front of for hours on end. If it were on a console I think it would be harder for anyone to sit there for as much time, thus making it harder to become addicted to the point that some people have. ( Of course this is my theory, I generally become more exhausted in front of a T.v./console then a computer. May or may not yield the same results for others)

Pc's have long been home of a few key game types. I however disagree with one stereotype surrounding the mouse and key board.

FPS: This depends entirely on how the game was made, and even then, neither console or PC is without flaws when it comes to FPS.

First I just want you to imagine trying to throw a grenade in Halo 3 on a PC. Which button do you press? A button half way down your key board? Use the scroll wheel?

I find my self very often in Team Fortress 2 as a Pyro, I go to switch to shot gun (using the scroll wheel) and wind up with my axe. In the heat of battle, it's a bit of an unpractical system. Yes they have a button next to my movement that would allow me to change that one at a time, but that would also require me to stop moveing.

For all the hell it get's, maybe Halo 3 was over hyped, but it's still a really decent game if you have some friends to play with when you get on. Sure if you just play matchmaking and don't have any key friends then your probably wasting your time, but with friends, it can be an awesome game.

However some FPS work much better on PC then console. Portal and Team Fortress 2 are great examples. With Team Fortress 2 you NEED custom maps, and servers. With Portal, you NEED a bit of extra accuracy for some things.

Overall, I don't think either are any better then the other for FPS. I think that depends entirely on how the games made and that they will both be flawed in certain areas no matter what.

MUD's: Good ol Mud's. That's actually where my name originated from. Mud's should NEVER be played on a console. EVER. This is fairly obvious though, as you need a key board to play them.

RTS: This I will say is a very PC game. I think the only other system that could pull it off would be the DS if they did it right. But mainly PC's have this one in the bag. There are so many commands in RTS's that it's just more practice to sit in front of a computer screen where everything can be easily laid out for you. the goal of an RTS is to make you feel like your in command, something I will agree is very hard to do with a controller, where you spend most of your time in awkward situations, being told what to do, or in instant peril.

Final Verdict Neither PC or Console are without their flaws. I would love a practiced way to change my weapon on PC, and I would love the extra accuracy on consoles.

Neither of these platforms should be ignored by anyone who loves games, regardless of age, race, or gender. They both have unique experiences and play styles. They both have top notch games (they both have shit games as well). If you have your head so far up your ass you think one platform is better then the other, please take it out for a second, and see there's a world beyond it.

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